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  1. Valiant: Final Fantasy | Final Fantasy XII Sequel?

    #275212012-05-28 05:32:29Settsuo-kun said:

    Well a piece of news which literally has put me on even better terms with Square Enix as of late, is the supposed rumor of a Final Fantasy XII sequel.

    Ten years after Final Fantasy XII, in the Leá Monde region of Nabradia. A fanatical cult has taken up residence in the eldritch Fortress of Faram, above which has suddenly appeared a mysterious floating artifact called the Gate of Lucav. The cult leader believes it to be the gateway to paradise, but an emissary from the Holy Ydoran Empire claims it to be an ancient weapon with the power to destroy all of Ivalice. The queen of Dalmasca, figurehead of the delicate New Alliance, must petition a lone mercenary to infiltrate the Fortress and prevent the cult from harnessing the forbidden magicks housed within the Gate.
  2. #275222012-05-28 05:33:21Settsuo-kun said:

    My Thoughts

    I personally love Final Fantasy XII citing it as my personal second to Final Fantasy VI. So a sequel in my book is all to late, but still welcome to sleep in my bed while i take the guest room.

    This is all speculation at this point, but it's being followed by a twitter page, which some claim as official, but it's really too bland to actually tell as of yet.

    The synopsis has a few interesting bits of information. The biggest being the city of Leá Monde which hasn't been seen nor heard of since Vagrant Story. You can almost tell that the influence of religion and religious affairs will most likely be more apparent then in previous Ivalice based tales. Since I assume it's not an actual staple to core "Final Fantasy" it's gameplay is a complete mystery as it could inherit Final Fantasy XII's MMO style gameplay, with new an improved mechanics.

    This also reminds me of a title I was hopeful for a while back. it was dubbed "Fortress" and sounds awfully similar. Except that it was said development fell through and it most likely will never see the light of day. So whether this is the same title or not has yet to be confirmed.

  3. #275262012-05-28 05:42:16break said:

    weeell, i think the story of the FFXII charactes is mroe or less finished; andwith other characters, its no sequel. they use the world/ settign of ivalice a lot, after all.

  4. #275292012-05-28 05:59:03 *Settsuo-kun said:

    It really depends on who that Lone Mercenary is. That character we play as will decide whether or not this is a sequel or not.

  5. #275332012-05-28 06:46:47break said:

    hm, true. but i also dont see much benefit in continuing the story of the FFXII characters, after all, the story was mainly about politics and the world, and not so much about the charactres; basch and balthier beeing the exception.

  6. #276452012-05-28 22:24:41Settsuo-kun said:

    @DarkChaplain, while it references Leá Monde it's highly unlikely to even reference Vagrant Story. Mainly because of the Final Fantasy motif. This which strongly suggests it will reference Final Fantasy XII more and can therefore be considered a possible sequel and not an original Ivalice story.

    This lone mercenary could be Vaan for all we know. Yea Vaan wasn't much in the flagship title, then gained a bit more depth in the DS sequel, but this could be his actual defining moment. One that they wanted us to see in the full-fledged Final Fantasy XII. Vaan as an accomplished Sky-Pirate, more so then his Tactics A2 counterpart even. Still it's all nothing but speculation.

  7. #283242012-06-03 05:34:14 *Mau said:

    Pretty sure they wouldn't hide that detail of it being Vaan. Vaan and Penelo got their own spinoff game and cameo appearances, so I doubt it's Vaan, but hey I could be wrong. Though I doubt Vaan would go from sky pirate to mercenary. I can't help but think the game will probably be about how the great calamity that destroys Ivalice went down, and how the Age of Ajora began.