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  1. Persona 4: The Golden | Anime Incoming!

    #279882012-06-01 01:41:35 *Settsuo-kun said:

    ~Welcome to the Official Persona 4: The Golden Thread~

    Persona 4: The Golden (commonly abbreviated as Persona 4: Golden or P4G) is the awaited upcoming enhanced port to the critically acclaimed title Persona 4 for the PlayStation®Vita.

    P4G, will put characters back in the role of an unnamed Protagonist, as he and his friends attempt to unravel the mystery of the suspicious deaths and it's connection to the the equally mysterious Midnight Channel.

    P4G will feature a host of new features to change it up!

    • New characters, like Marie.
    • Additional voice over dialog.
    • New animation cutscenes.
    • More Personas, including new Ultimate Personas for the Investigation Team.
    • New areas, such as a beach and a ski resort. Okina City, which was only seen during certain Social Link scenes is now accessable.
    • New events, such as a halloween event and a skiing trip.
    • The Protagonist and his friends now have motorbikes to get around various areas.
    • Tag team attacks.
    • Some menus are now in blue.
    • The ability to participate in a quiz show.
    • Certain equipment and accessories changes your party member's appearance, much like in Persona 3 FES and Persona 3 Portable.
    • New Garden and Bug Catching features.
    • The ability to call for help via WiFi when your party reaches critical state

    To be expanded later.

  2. #279912012-06-01 02:26:46animeftw said:

    dissapointed of the opening but the song is good, planning on importing both JPN and NA version after i get my Vita

  3. #280462012-06-01 13:00:45Reverse_Vampire said:

    The bombardment of colors...MY BODY IS READY!

    Well, I hardly seen murder seen in a pair of rose-coloured glasses, but I'll witness fans' reactions once the game reaches NA.

  4. #280692012-06-01 15:47:33 *Inasda said:

    I thought this was DDR for a sec. The song was great. The video is ok.

    But it's only on the PSVita Wish it was also on computer, xbox, or sumthing

  5. #303652012-06-20 04:13:08 *n1xx said:

    I can't wait to experience for myself the all-new and different environment interactions with the help of the PSVita.

    And I can tell that much time has been spent in making that opening. The quality and the choice of colors are simply gorgeous. <3

  6. #312912012-06-28 02:29:49 *n1xx said:

    Guys, there's a social link with Adachi.

    ;A; Atlus has heard my prayers! I will be forever grateful to get to know one of my favorite video game crushes better. <3

  7. #313312012-06-28 16:04:26 *animeftw said:

    Marie Dungeon i swear this sounds like something that should have been in Digital Devil Saga or persona 2 fucking love Shoji Meguro

    other new track

    new anime cutscene

  8. #314032012-06-29 05:05:08n1xx said:

    @animeftw That new anime cutscene is absolutely adorable! Especially that small part including Kanji and Naoto. <3 I also appreciate the enhanced quality of the animation~

    On another note, 記憶 (Memory) does indeed sound like it could fit the Persona 2/Digital Devil Saga universes. It brings nostalgia only by listening to it. :)