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  1. CL Radio Weekly Tea-Time/Talk

    #284102012-06-04 00:01:11 *Warlock said:

    Hello everyone. The staff feels that it would be fun doing some weekly events on the radio for your general entertainment. We need ideas that you, the user-base would like to hear when you tune in! You can ask us pretty much anything as long as it stays appropriate! We're most likely going to have mods rotate doing this each week. Regular users will also be able to participate at times and have some fun!

    We'll even have special occasions where you'll catch us doing really silly things! There will also be a Karaoke Day, and Game Day. So, look forward to that! On the off-chance that we have nothing really planned one week. Well, at least look forward to music being streamed!

  2. #284112012-06-04 00:06:20 *Lumiex said:

    You can also ask us questions~ Please be appropriate!!

    CL :The Office [requests of PigBoss] maybe. Some kind of talk show weird drama what voice actors do Hey I just me you shot [This section under construction]