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Scottish thread.

  1. #288412012-06-07 20:34:17quipna said:

    That awkward moment when people think that logical fallacies are worth anything in a proper debate.

    Also, when people dismiss tested evidence for their own perceptions, and regard the latter as fact.

  2. #288422012-06-07 20:34:35Decae said:

    I'm part Scottish, want to live in Scotland, and am learning Scottish Gaelic. I join this thread now.

  3. #288762012-06-08 00:57:02eterno said:

    Seriously going to debate about wikipedia being a credible source?

    Dude that "Wikipedia is unreliable" thing was a long time ago when there was a lot of vandalism and not enough mods to keep them at bay.

    As far as content goes, check the citations. If you still can't believe the article then don't bash wikipedia but rather find the counter-evidence from other sources (then bash wikipedia(only to find the counter-evidence is less reliable(look a bunny)))

    Still, sometimes there are times when you really wish that you're ignorant of the fact that it really happened. Take me and the odd times when I read serial killer articles for example...

    Note: The last part is unreliable

  4. #288962012-06-08 09:33:10Dec said:

    Excuse me for not trusting wikipedia, as mostly facts that I know present are rather different. Not because I live here and I suddenly know everything about how many gingers there is in entire Scotland but because I've fucking studied this bullshit in school before. Wikipedia WASN'T involved either, because quite frankly if you want to learn something you have to go straight to the source and not the summarized version. Yes as people state, I am still a teenager but seeing as I'm starting Advanced Highers - courses in which are like your first year at uni - one year before I actually should. I think I have a grasp in what I'm fucking talking about. More to the point I was making before, you are basing facts that you read on the internet and throwing them to someone that actually lives there and knows whats going on there. More to the point which makes it even better is that I visit Ireland most of the time so I have got a visual intake about the difference between the two countries. Just because there is percentages involved with lovely English stating what has happened doesn't mean to say that its true c: Now please refrain from your stupid bullshit from your thread, it hurts my light hearted thread and my head just trying to read that bull shit.

    This is a Scottish thread, not about how I like to bash wikipedia and have a little pet hate for it. Please may we get back to the actual reason I made this thread. kthnx <3

    @Decae Part Scottish?!? ;w; Awesome~

  5. #289152012-06-08 14:50:25Trisak said:

    Would also like to point out that if you look at the article, and actually take a look at the sources (like Eterno actually mentioned) you will find that the majority of stuff that is listed on that page is not documented (for example, the thing about the % of redheads in Scotland is not listed (only listed as an approxmiation to be about the same as Ireland, at 10%), only the thing about the redhead gene is really documented) Not to mention that all of the sources are about 12 years old, or more. I don't know whom is right, but I seem to be able to spot possible flaws in the wiki page, so think about it.

  6. #289162012-06-08 14:57:54eterno said:

    Yes indeed.

    And given the fact that Ireland actually has more people, suddenly the percentage means nothing especially because it's an approximation.

    By doing the math, Scotland 'only' beats Ireland by 50,000 people. Or 'about the same' in statistical terms.

    Of course, there's also the fact that the approximation itself is 12 years old so unless there's a more recent and reliable data, it's impossible to prove which country has more redheads.

    So far, I haven't found anything recent on the net but perhaps somebody could.