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  1. IPv6: The Internet just got a whole lot bigger.

    #286992012-06-06 14:19:34 *Flywalker37 said:

    As you all woke up, sipped your morning coffee, booted up the ole' computer, and went straight to Google, you may have noticed a little notification under the usual search bar.


    The link takes you to a bunch of information that pretty much tells you that our current internet, IPv4, is currently being overloaded and we're running out of IP addresses. However, the new IPv6, released and being worked on today, will have a bazillion more IP addresses for more people and devices around the world. That means a lot more emoticons, a lot more trolls, a lot more newfags, and a looot more porn.

    tl;dr: Our precious internet just got a whole lot bigger. Good for you, internet.



  2. #287092012-06-06 14:56:18eterno said:

    Well, it's not like more homes will decrease the number of hobos...

    Besides, we still don't have decent internet infrastructures in certain parts of the World and on the rest of the solar system so really, more addresses isn't really THAT big of a deal... yet.

  3. #287342012-06-06 18:21:53VivoDePyre said:

    Well, nice to see google is spreading some info about it. IPv6 has been in the works for awhile now. It'll be weird to have these long ass IP addresses, but we sorta need them now. I don't look forward to manually connecting to local servers.

  4. #287812012-06-07 06:29:29Neko-Chan said:

    I thought the same thing as @DarkChaplain its not so much the amount of information hosted on the servers of the internet just the amount of devices that have to access it. In recent years, due to the smart phone bubble, internet access as become almost a required feature in all latest technology from accessing the internet on your laptop without wifi or having a wifi hot spot in your car. As we become more digitized and the net grows larger, we need more connectivity to access it. It only makes sense, and most likely the IP system will continue to evolve till we discover the next big platform for connectivity and communication.

    On another note, I find this rather amusing when you consider the Apple Triforce. I mean yea connectivity access your files the cloud all that good stuff but do you really need 3 computers that are essentially all the same? Or am I just asking for butthurt comments from apple fanboys?

    One thing I am not sure of is the life span of IP address... after so much inactivity are they reused or are all unique and are never recycled? I am not exactly a network junkie but it is all very interesting.

  5. #287872012-06-07 08:26:11shane said:
    Well, it's obvious that IPv4 wouldn't be enough. More and more people on the word get Internet access (think of countries like India, Africa and China). And we live in an age where even fucking freezers are getting IP-adresses.
    When I think of the devices in my home that would need a IP-adress (when turned on) it's already around 10 - something that wasn't even thought of when they established the IPv4.
    Just look at this, it's the amount of computers using the internet

    With IPv4 we have 4,3·10^9 adresses, and with IPv6 3,4·10^38 (ever drew 38 zeros on a paper :D?) => it's 2^96 times more.
  6. #287942012-06-07 11:51:49eterno said:

    Well this just means more internet access.

    Really, nothing else.

    And not more porn unless you call those shoddy cams porn.

  7. #289042012-06-08 10:22:19Ethereal said:

    Glad someone's finally doing something about this. I remember a speech someone gave about this on DEF CON some while back, and how at the rate people were going it wasn't looking good.

  8. #290942012-06-10 12:06:09Shorono said:

    @DarkChaplain Why would you want a frequency for yourself on a walkie talkie, considering you can only talk to people on your frequency that would make the walkie talkie useless.