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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn | Future Status

  1. #390142012-09-19 14:58:15 *Nagara said:

    FFXIV is / was / will be on TGS, a Trailer was posted, but deleted. (It wasn't Official, but by another Gaming Website)

    EDIT: Another thing I found interesting was the "Oculus Rift" Visual Reality Display which I found quite Intrguing.

  2. #390522012-09-20 09:20:07 *Nagara said:

    Seems like It is most likely the PS3 version, as Yoshi did say that It will debut during the TGS, 0.0

    EDIT: Yoshi-P commented / replied in the official forums, it seems that the Graphic displayed here was from a much older version than what we have previously seen in PAX, Gamescom, etc. The Cause of Lagginess in the Trailer was most likely due to Encoding issues since Yoshi-P It runs fine in the actual presentation (TGS) and Original.

    Fixed version of TGS Trailer

  3. #395482012-09-28 09:34:31 *Nagara said:
    Letter from the Producer LIVE Part III & Q&A Summary (09/27/2012)
    With Videos, Subtitles and Text Summaries ! Enjoy :D
  4. #403982012-10-11 22:44:24 *Nagara said:
    Gonna grab a thread from the Official XIV Forum, New Informations regarding V2.0
    A Quick Summary of the recent JP Articles

    Other than PS3 UI Screens, they also added some new Concept Arts >>Here<<
  5. #404022012-10-11 23:44:21 *Settsuo-kun said:

    @Xyopq Same here. That UI in general looks really good.

    @Nagara I would've missed out on that concept art, if you had not linked it. That Chocobo armor looks pretty awesome.

    Pretty exciting news from the forums. I especially loved the fact they're bringing gambits back(loved that system). I did want some kind of indication that Gilgamesh might make an appearance though, but still loads of good news.

  6. #404402012-10-12 15:19:08 *Nagara said:
    Oh, btw, Reinheart did more JP Interview Translations !

    1st Half of GameWatch Interview [JP Source]

    2nd Half of GameWatch Translation [JP Source]

    Gamer (Magazine) Interview
    *More Interviews*
  7. #411802012-10-24 08:54:55 *Nagara said:
    A look at FFXIV: ARR / V2.0 Character Creator

    Some Random Live Letter III Interviews (With pics)

    EDITED: New Link with Extra SS
  8. #411952012-10-24 11:34:42Xyopq said:

    @Settsuo-kun Just realised that the 'Disciples of Magic' & 'Conjurer' descriptions are the same as the Lancer description on the OP.

    Watching all the gameplay videos, it kind of reminds me of White Knight Chronicles.

    I'm split between being a Hyur/Midlander/Arcanist/Alchemist, or Roegadyn/SeaWolves/Marauder/Blacksmith.

    Are we making a Cl guild when it comes out (if possible?)

  9. #411962012-10-24 12:43:49 *Nagara said:
    Information on Alpha Test:
    -Alpha Test will be for around a month
    -There are 4 Phases
    -Alpha Phase 1 has started, Phase 1 is JP only (Regional)
    -In around 2 weeks the 3rd Phase will begin, and is free for all

    @Xyopq I wouldn't mind being a part of that, If we have enough people and I have LS space, sure :p
  10. #412012012-10-24 15:38:31Settsuo-kun said:

    @Xyopq Oh this is embarassing haha, well I fixed it with the correct descriptions. Thanks for telling me, as I didn't even see that.

    A CL guild could happen, but who knows how many people actually follow this thread besides the three of us. I'd love for that to happen, get on and just adventure and since it's going crossplay with PC as well, we have a greater chance of getting a lot of people to join.

  11. #412552012-10-25 14:57:09 *Nagara said:
    By the way, we have this little thing on the XIV Launcher atm

    The Timer is pointing down to Nov. 11, which is said to be the day of Impact, and also the day of the 4th Live Letter.
  12. #413132012-10-26 04:01:47 *Nagara said:
    @Xyopq That is when Dalamud will hit, and the event in the trailer happens. The Clash of the remaining VIIth Legatus Troops and the United Army of the Grand Companies, this marks the end of current Era, which is the 6th Astral Era, an Era of prosperity.

    Lore aside, the 4th Live Letter from Yoshi-P will also start that day, so don't miss it ! :D

    EDIT: Countdown Trailer Info

    It seems that on Nov.11th there will be a new Trailer called "End of an Era"
    This is the Link to the trailer, but it isn't up; "End of an Era Trailer"

    MMORPG FFXIV Article
  13. #415002012-10-29 12:06:06 *Nagara said:
    Well, you can make;
    -up to 8 Characters with Standard Edition (1 at different servers)
    -up to 40 characters with Advanced Edition (Max. of 8 at different servers)

    I just got back from school and am enjoying this nifty eye-candy video ! :D

    EDIT: Official Thread section for ARR Alpha First looks atm it's just the character creation, but I'm sure more will come !

    I'm jealous of the JP Players, I can't apply for Alpha / Beta due to me being too young :p I wanna fight Adamantoise as well !