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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn | Future Status

  1. #637602013-09-20 03:37:07Settsuo-kun said:

    Didn't get any notifications about the mention which is pretty weird, anyway.

    @Nagara What server are you playing on? Oh and what do you think of the game as it is now?

    @DarkChaplain, besides your distaste for the gear, are you currently playing? If so what do you think of it so far?


    I guess it gives us enough to open a new one if we decide to. I gotta wait 24 hours before joining another though.

    Next time we're both on we can solicit a few signatures and get it set up.

    @Chou want more incentive? I'll make HQ gear up to lv. 25 (leveling these crafting classes now ~) for the switch!

  2. #637622013-09-20 04:27:20DarkChaplain said:

    @Settsuo-kun Am not playing it anymore. Played during Beta before initial launch, at some point late in the original run's lifetime, then in Alpha and Beta for ARR, but then didn't bother starting again after the wipe. I'm sure I could've gotten a bit of free playtime out of my old account, but it ain't worth it to me, knowing that I won't be paying monthly fees anyway, and thus all my efforts would be wasted.

    It has definitely improved a lot, and they've implemented a lot of nice ideas that drive the game in the right direction, but it is not enough for me to wanna play it, or pay for the subscription. For all its good ideas, it is far too similar to a lot of the free MMOs currently out there, and aesthetics alone don't sell games to me.

  3. #1065102016-08-27 16:13:16Settsuo-kun said:

    I hope anyone who is playing see this and is enjoying the game. It's going to be a great year for Final Fantasy XIV and hopefully with the next expansion news coming we can get more people on and have some fun.

    In the future I'll probably add a few incentives to the thread so please check that out. Until next time!

  4. #1108292017-05-28 23:48:34DarkChaplain said:

    Anybody still playing and on Chaos: Shiva?

    I'd say Stormblood can't come soon enough, but then I have so much content left lying around that I still want to finish with the old gameplay systems...

    Mandatory @Settsuo-kun ping.

  5. #1108302017-05-28 23:54:06shafnat said:

    ah im gonna start playing soon, have downloaded the game from steam but still the free trial. but idk, it says it needs square enix account or smth that i can't login. idk might fix it later because imma finish ffxiii series first (yes i know i'm late i never had a platform that i can use for gaming before huhu)

  6. #1108522017-05-29 13:26:16DarkChaplain said:

    First off, @shafnat, the XIII trilogy is god-awful drivel and misery.

    Secondly, don't download the Steam version, get the one here

    Why? Because if you end up buying on Steam, you will need to buy every expansion on Steam as well. You can't mix with retail or digital purchases elsewhere - and nobody actually sells the Steam versions outside of Steam. It ain't worth it, at all.

    You will need a Square Enix account. This is the other reason why Steam is pointless in this instance. Updates will still go through the launcher, so you're not even going to install a fresh, up to date version of the game through Steam. It'll always require massive updates after the fact, whereas installing from the regular installer you'll skip most of that.
    Steam's just an additional, needless layer that doesn't add anything.

    Create an account, log into it, and enjoy. If you're unsure about the server to pick, you're welcome of Shiva, of course :P

  7. #1108692017-05-29 17:19:08shafnat said:

    @DarkChaplain ah, really, this really helped me out, thanks a lot! i'll uninstall this one and reinstall it from that one you just linked. and sure, i'd pick shiva server later when i start playing. i'll inform if i start playing in this thread later.

  8. #1108342017-05-29 00:51:55nero98 said:

    I used to really like playing this, but being the person I am I didn't like being forced to party up with people to clear certain missions and none of my friends had the game. Eventually I got the the point where I just ran around grinding my different classes until my subscription ran out and then I didn't see much of a need to renew it.

  9. #1108532017-05-29 13:27:37DarkChaplain said:

    I'm pretty much the same way. Party content is stressful for me. I occasionally get a friend to join me for it but she's... way ahead of me and often makes me feel like I'm not pulling my weight in dungeons. Still fun, though.

  10. #1108542017-05-29 13:32:58 *DarkChaplain said:

    @Qarr status report on your attempt at Free Trialing?

    Also, for anybody interested, even if just mildly: The Free Trial 14 day limitation was removed recently. You can play it without feeling starved for time now. I would also recommend playing as far as you can on the FT before buying the game/redeeming it on the MogStation, to max out your playtime; the purchase comes with 30 days, which can be enough to finish the Main Scenario Questline, but you can get pretty far into that via the Free Trial already so why waste it?

    The current Free Trial restrictions are:

    • Free Trial Players cannot make in-game micro transactions during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players can create only eight (8) playable characters, restricted to one (1) playable character per world.
    • Free Trial account characters have their level capped at level thirty five (35).
    • Free Trial account characters can obtain only a capped amount of in game currency (GIL).
    • Free Trial Players cannot use the "shout", "yell" or "tell" in-game chat options during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players cannot access the in-game market board during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players cannot trade items with other players during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players cannot use the Mogletter service during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players cannot hire a retainer character during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players can join a Linkshell if invited, but cannot create a new Linkshell during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players cannot create or join a Free Company during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players can join a party if invited or by using the Duty Finder, but cannot assemble a party during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players cannot login to the Lodestone and or any other game forum during the Free Trial.
    • Free Trial Players cannot progress past Floor 10 in the Deep Dungeon during the Free Trial.

    Get the Free Trial here

  11. #1111352017-06-15 22:31:20DarkChaplain said:

    Preliminary Patch Notes for 4.0 are Live!

    I love this point in particular:

    • A mini-aetheryte for Sapphire Avenue Exchange has been added in Ul'dah (X:13.8 Y:10.6).

    That's the Market Area in Ul'dah. Before you'd have to cross to it from way afar. Now you can portal right in there and access the vendors and market board. Nice.

    There's so much good stuff in there, it is insane.