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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn | Future Status

  1. #347172012-08-03 17:41:44Nagara said:
    Looks like some people got news of Version 2.0, although lots of 'em are spouting misleading informations >.> Well, Gamescom First Gameplay Footage should shut them up though, If it is done well :p XIV is one of the Hot news in several popular Gaming websites too, like Gametrailer, MMORPG, etc

    SE Gamescom Games Line-up
  2. #351932012-08-08 13:08:53 *Settsuo-kun said:

    New Trailer added, better voice over this time and actually made me nostalgic for FFVI for some reason. It was a good looking trailer to be sure and installed a sense of adventure into me as well, which is actually what I'm looking forward to most out of this title.

    A Realm Reborn, is shaping up with trailers and news coming just like Yoshida assured us it will be. Looking forward to seeing the Gamescom footage and whatever else they decide to throw into the mix.

  3. #352502012-08-09 14:37:35 *Nagara said:

    SE has already mentioned that "Gameplay" Trailer will be on Gamescom, I'm looking forward to it more than anything else >.>

  4. #359662012-08-15 08:54:30 *Nagara said:
    New Screenshots of XIV Version 2.0 at Gamescom

    Gamespot Article, Limit Break mentioned. Possible Battle Regimen Successor ?
  5. #360282012-08-15 17:29:00Settsuo-kun said:

    Thanks @Nagara for the links! Glad to see my faith wasn't misplaced. It's really almost unrecognizable from the current game. That graphics engine is almost unreal, it looks amazing. Can't wait for the official reveal and here's hoping it's a good 10-20 mins long as they need to thoroughly explain every aspect changed now. They also need to get the ball rolling on how PvP will work out as well. Basically SE needs to over-saturate this title, kind of like what Capcom is doing to RE6. They can't leave anything a mystery this time around.

  6. #360342012-08-15 19:11:20Settsuo-kun said:

    I can't see SE letting FFXIV go F2P at this point. With them already investing millions into a reboot I doubt they'll adopt that anytime soon. With XI still running on the P2P model after all these years SE must have something up their sleeves to get above above the competition.

    I also don't think they have the luxury to focus on the graphical side of this either. It's a "Sink or Swim" kind of situation they've found themselves at. As I said before this is a big moment for Square Enix. It's a test that must be passed at all costs. They have no choice, but to push past the superficial exterior of modern gaming and deliver the full package.

    From what I've seen from that video it looks as if it plays smooth, but I won't know until I've either played it or seen actual in detail footage of the gameplay itself.

  7. #363482012-08-18 08:20:30 *Nagara said:
    Personal Gamescom Report

    Better Quality of HD Presentation Video (Watch at 1080p HD Full Screen)

    Another Good Quality of Gamescom Presentation Video
  8. #379352012-09-01 09:48:59 *Nagara said:
    FFXIV Version 2.0 Informations on 25th Anniversary and PAX

    Featuring Limit Breaks and Summoner



    Limit Break Trailer HD

    Gamewatch New SS

    FFXIV 2.0 Alpha/Beta Application
  9. #384042012-09-07 16:44:00momo said:

    The only issues I can see for this launch is the already bad press and scores on Metacritic. It has turned many people away from it, myself included, and they'll have to work doubletime to get us back.

  10. #387522012-09-13 16:59:12Nagara said:
    Live Letter from the Producer the 3rd (III)

    The 4th Live Letter to be hold on 1st of November (I think :p)

    These will be held live, then after It's done Translations will come in probably 3 days - 1 week.
  11. #389172012-09-17 18:10:20Nagara said:
    For those of you who missed / couldn't understand the Letter, a Translated Q/A has been done Officially (no translated video yet) and voluntarily by a player.

    Live Letter III Official Q/A

    Live Translation by Reinheart