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Parent: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn | Future Status

  1. #290212012-06-09 13:37:16Settsuo-kun said:

    @Xyopq Hell yea we're gonna co-op. missed out on the Dark Souls co-op a while back when your PS3 broke. All in all they really did fix a lot of problems which hindered the game from being a success. The road map to 2.0 isn't pulling any punches when trying to correct the problems and make much needed additions to the game itself. 2.0 is looking great and I can't wait to install it and see the all the major changes.

    @DarkChaplain A lot, haha. It really did a number on SE financially. Still, i applaud SE for attempting to fix the game and actually committing to fixing it. Not many companies have the heart to admit they messed up on a major title, and commit themselves to producing a better version of a failed product (then again they didn't have much of a choice though...). I'm sure they'll bounce back, but hopefully this'll change their outlook when developing core games in the coming years.