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Parent: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn | Future Status

  1. #291152012-06-10 17:15:05 *Settsuo-kun said:

    I understand that because of it's first launch many people are skeptical this title will live up to it's new hype, when its original fell short in almost every way possible. The fact is fans are coming back even if one by one just to see what has changed. While not every person will be impressed with the game, i'm sure many are willing to stick around long enough to see its revamp and even continue from there.

    I have a feeling it'll turn out better then most give it credit for. It was built upon an interesting world, with a lot of room for expansion and opportunity. The foundation is solid and more then worth a journey through even if just once. The game just wasn't developed with any particular goal in mind. It was literally everywhere and suffered greatly because of it. Now that they have a plan and are so far following through with everything they set out to do. I'm sure it'll have a better opportunity to succeed.