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  1. #292502012-06-12 09:47:04sully said:

    Mostly planning a week activity were it involves me and a group of friend exploring the attraction zones of the uk. Since i'm just a lazy and a broke ass nigga i'm do a runner from here and there :D

  2. #292652012-06-12 13:52:24Flywalker37 said:

    Summer Plan:

    • Lurk on CL
    • Work on the CL Manga
    • Lose Weight / diet / exercise
    • Hit Vindictus Level Cap (70)
    • Chill with mah girl Jess~
  3. #292932012-06-12 15:51:32Dante_Butler said:

    i'll travel to danmark for a week with 2 of my bros i guess #nohomo and even though i got no Tickets i'll try to get onto the campingsites of 3 major [northern] german festivals. #YOLO

  4. #293112012-06-12 17:33:51Shirosuke said:

    My summer is dedicated to my dissertation and guitar practice...

    So not that much fun. I do plan on a trip to the beach sometime though so that's in the works ;w;

  5. #293632012-06-12 20:50:47crazymexican said:

    sense i graduated school i guess im on a permanent vacation. so ill be surfing. watching anime. cl. and finding a lazy job while i make my way to bethel.

  6. #293722012-06-12 21:49:20Mau said:

    Art classes, beach bumming, swimming, trying to maintain a social life, getting a job, and portfolio and personal projects. I plan on having a productive summer this year, though I'm pretty sure I'm just going to wind up completing maybe a 1/3 of those goals just to be realistic here.

  7. #293762012-06-12 22:47:22 *someone said:




    -Don't fuck up two summer courses

    -Attempt to find job

    -Don't run over people now that I can drive a car

  8. #294022012-06-13 04:37:21kolulu100 said:

    I'll be on CL now that i'm out of school. I'm gonna be working so I can get tickets for an animecon near me or for books and video games. And I'm learning how to drive!

  9. #294242012-06-13 06:26:45Miyuki_Koga said:

    Oh great. Everyone's enjoying their summer just as my school days are starting right this week. And your summer is 3 months? Here, we only have 2. What a bummer~ (TT3TT)

  10. #295982012-06-14 07:22:55Chestnut_Rice said:

    Dem summerfags! But any way I'll be having classes in the morning and anime and hopefully a job in the afternoon. If not, then more anime, arcade with friends, etc.

    And of course, browsing CL+/c/+/cm/+/vg/ like no tomorrow.

  11. #296222012-06-14 13:57:13DeathByBiscuit said:

    Geez between fapping, sleeping and eating I don't really have a lot of time left...

    Maybe I cut back on the eating and sleeping to get some time for some activities...

  12. #298232012-06-15 19:05:14Kyuuun said:
    • eat
    • sleep
    • read
    • maybe hang out with friends
    • go to vidcon
    • maybe AX
    • uh sleep
    • study algebra
    • move to france. decent summer, amiright
  13. #298552012-06-16 03:45:59Zefferno said:

    playing minecraft stupid summer reading project manga, a lot of it try very hard to lose weight try to get on cl again minecraft read some good classic books