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Bad Habits

  1. #555102013-05-13 21:31:27Ion-ZedRURU said:

    I like the red "Bond´s" soft taste. I used to smoke "Marlboro", but somehow they´ve gotten pretty much crap lately. I can´t stand the raw and disgusting taste anymore. Then again I can´t stand light cigarettes either, I like my shit strong. : D

  2. #573652013-06-04 17:18:27 *llunbuRe said:

    I have a ton of bad habits. Awhile ago I stopped drinking "coffee like a madman" and decided to take a break from it. Now I'm consuming 2 cups of black tea. I decided to put coffee on the shelf because of the acidity and the caffeine content (I am well aware tea has caffeine-but not as much)

    My other bad habits consist of: cursing while driving, spitting (post-nasal drip sucks), cracking my knuckles, starting things and never finishing them (video games, movies, series, drawings) ...

    I'm just everywhere in my life.

  3. #652182013-11-01 18:49:11Wolfangle said:

    Hehhh, it's been more than a year since my last post in this. Let's see~

    So not much has changed on the drinking during very late hours. I now punch objects that i know won't break when i'm angry. Eating & spending when feeling down. Long hours on cell phone <.< That one actually bugs me the most. Does getting into arguments with my dad count as one? .w.

  4. #652392013-11-02 02:01:00DevilsDevina said:

    -Thinking too much that create problems that don't exist

    -Talking to myself even in public

    -And last and the worst is my short temper.......