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I Write Like

  1. #296232012-06-14 13:58:19schmidt said:

    I fed it Perchance to Dream by Bradbury and got Arthur Clarke. Then I fed an entry from Bradbury's blog and got J. K. Rowling.

  2. #296272012-06-14 15:31:12sprink said:

    I write like Stephen King~

    Makes sense since I read the Dark Tower series about a hundred times in middle school.

  3. #296422012-06-14 18:32:48 *Yoshiya said:

    So I took some of the works in this laptop.

    Frank Baum (Kraehe), James Joyce (Missing Crimson), Anne Rice (Red Spider Lilies, Vindictus Origins: Evie Chapter), Cory Doctorow (Vindictus, The First Time), STEPHENIE MEYER (K-ON!, A Happy Day), Cory Doctorow (K-ON!, Colors), Chuck Palahniuk (K-ON!, Keion!), James Fenimore Cooper (Fate/Otome), J.K. Rowling (Vindictus Origins: Lann Chapter)

    Stephenie Meyer.

    Stephenie. Meyer.

    I feel so ashamed.


    I knew something was wrong with that one fic.

  4. #297782012-06-15 13:53:41 *sully said:

    I write like, Cory Doctorow and James Joyce (made up quote). William Shakespeare (Adventures at Phantomhive) Anne Rice (A twisted Cinderella story) Douglas Adams (Ten ways to quit chocolate) Douglas Adams (The mystery gun) Lewis Carroll (lost) Agatha Christie (The nightmare) David Foster Wallace (What's up in Vincent nightray's mind?) Charles Dickens (The birthday gift) William Gibson (Oh dear, what should we do?) Stephen King (Ed's first day at school)

    This is just bull, o_O

  5. #300212012-06-17 14:45:39reki said:

    Apparently, I write like David Foster Wallace, Margaret Mitchell, and William Shakespeare.

    Some months ago, I got Chuck Palahniuk and J.D. Salinger. @_@