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  1. FOOD PORN: An Extravaganza of Visual Culinary Delights

    #298512012-06-16 02:30:50 *Mau said:
    Do you like food?
    Do you like pictures of food?
    Well here's the place to post them and look at them.

    Warning: Looking at these pictures may cause extreme bouts of hunger, and depression because you can't eat the pictures.


    So come and post pics of delicious food you find all over the web, as well as pics of food you've made yourself!

    Just in case; DO NOT POST ACTUAL PORN.
  2. #298622012-06-16 05:58:54 *Kuru said:

    This is an accurate depiction of this thread in my mind. Not because it's a worthless thread, just because I can't put it in my mouth.