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  1. Art Resources- References, Tutorials, etc.

    #302011-12-25 07:11:40 *Momimochi said:
    Once upon a time, there was a user name Chou who brought all us artists the joy of this very useful thread... But due to circumstances, the thread is now gone.

    The thread was for tutorials and recommendations on many different things along with sensible lessons from all over the web. It was proven to be useful to many, as all of us here are mostly still in our early years.

    Well, luckily, I decided to bookmark every single one of the websites and whatnot so NOW, I PRESENT TO YOU A WHOLE LOAD OF THIS AND THAT IN WHICH ARTISTS CAN MAKE USE OF:
    Some things are somewhat NSFW-ish:

    Art programs
    Gimp - Nice program overall. For editing. It's decent for drawing but I don't really like it.
    Art Rage - It's the free trial I'm talking about.
    Art weaver -Quite SAI like, if I do say so myself.
    Paint.NET - Beginners only.
    Ink Scape - Vector art/lineart.
    Chibi Paint - Oekaki <3
    Flow Paint - I'd say beginners.

    SAI Paint tool
    Manga Studio

    Photo references
    SenshiStock - Visit the gallery. You'll see what I'm talking about.
    Human anatomy for Artists



    **NOTE**: If you want actual STYLES of clothing, just go look at some fashion website or something. It's the best reference you can get.



    Perspective **She's awesome. Go look at EVERYTHING she did in her gallery. She is godly.


    Colouring/shading <-- this one's really cute and convenient.


    Art blocks

    Books -For download.

    Recommended -Downloadable artbooks.

    I'll link you guys to this and you can navigate yourselves through part 2, 3, 4, 5, etc:
  2. #5182011-12-26 05:35:26PureBoredom said:

    Oh my, I think I might take a look into this stuff and share with my sister since she enjoys drawing too. Nicely done!