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  1. Phantasy Star Online 2 Open-Beta

    #302942012-06-19 19:26:41 *Xyopq said:

    Starts June 21st

    Download Client

    Register SEGA Account(Guide)


    Some Videos

    Error Codes: 242: Can't connect to server. Wait several seconds to login again.

    601: No server response, server too busy to process or Account/Sega ID hasn't been activated.

    602: Incorrect Sega ID. Make sure you're using all lowercase letters.

    603: Not sure what this is, try making sure your Sega ID is in all lowercase or that it has cases in the right places.

    604: Password is incorrect.

    617: Ship/Block cannot be found.

    630: No Server Response.

    632: Double Login Error

    640: Game Client Does Not Match.

    649: Server Maintenence

    Error 679: It's asking for a Japanese capcha, so login and accept terms and conditions It's entered in Katakana and you can find the characters here e.g. "クマクユム" (without quotes) Thanks @Kayoma

    2300: Player ID isn't available.

    This is a site with lots of useful info on

  2. #303832012-06-20 09:47:59momo said:

    MAN MAN MAN MAN, I need a new computer. I've thrown so much time at Blue Burst (SCHTHack server) that this is only natural.

  3. #307092012-06-22 07:57:24Xyopq said:

    @twelve There's a guy working on a patch for it currently cracks whip

    Tried to get on last night, but the servers were overcrowded and I couldn't even download the updates because of this. Has anyone managed to get on?

  4. #307982012-06-22 22:13:54twelve said:

    @Xyopq Oh I see. Yeah I'm having the same problem with getting on. Downloading was a pain too because the servers were running super slow. Kept getting the time out error.