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  1. The collection thread

    #306122012-06-21 20:19:48 *Noon said:
    Collect something? Collect anything at all? Just have a huge-ass pile of shit that you're proud of for unknown reasons? Post it here!

    I'll start, here's my small general geek collection comprised of manga, DVD's, and games.

  2. #306212012-06-21 20:47:46Paratoxical said:

    i have shitloads of dinosaur figurines.... i loved them when i was a kid.
    even though i don't collect them anymore i'm still proud of that huge number of figurines and books and other stuff that shows the interest i had in dead animals- i mean dinosaurs.
    (sorry i'm not going into the basement to take a picture)

  3. #306232012-06-21 21:01:39OneDollar said:

    @DarkChaplain That's quite a collection, I actually don't own a lot of box copies of games (PC). If I were to add up all of them, it would be less than 20, and half of them would be games from my childhood. Digital era ftw?

  4. #306242012-06-21 21:07:55MrTrain said:

    :/ I had a huge collection of ty plushies I collect 'till I was 11, it filled my basement full, but then I moved and sold them ._.

  5. #306292012-06-21 22:01:45NGH said:

    @Noon I'm envious. I didn't know any of his works were available in English, now I'll have to look into that, thanks.

  6. #306352012-06-21 22:31:03 *DSP said:






    I hope that works, but yeah, the majority of all the shit I collect, kamen rider figures, robots, more figures, games, films, vodka and a wonky book case full of art books that is now slightly worrying me.

  7. #307892012-06-22 21:02:36Noon said:
    @TalTal19 Speaking of pokemon cards, I have a collection as well. Nothing special, more or less just a bunch of common cards and such, but I do have a few of the original Japanese pocket monsters which I think is pretty cool. Excuse my bad photography..

  8. #307952012-06-22 21:32:49DSP said:

    @Pigboss All that is the result of 9 years of collecting XD Though admittedly the artbooks and Kamen rider figures are all from the past 5 years or so.

  9. #310962012-06-26 01:33:07 *someone said:


    The moment when you realize you need a bigger shoebox now.

    The arsenal as of now:

    HTC: Evo 3d (Current)

    Nokia: 1100b, 1112, 3120b, 3220 (x2), N-Gage QD, 5800

    LG: KM555

    Blackberry: 7290, 8707v

    SE: w810i, w580i (x2), c902i, w350i

    Keitais: 703SH. N705i

    Motorola: v551 (not pictured), v220

    Misc: HP iPaq 6325, Treo 270

  10. #311022012-06-26 03:24:53Noon said:

    @someone That sure is quite the collection of phones o.O Are they all dead or just sleeping in an all-star tomb?

    Also, I recently just bought a keitai not too long ago. 'Course I didn't do any research before-hand like a numbskull and found out it wasn't unlockable. Won't post a picture since it's the only one I have. It's a Sony Ericsson W64S.

  11. #311032012-06-26 03:31:02 *someone said:

    @Noon They all work. Except for one of the w580s, I got that one from someone that had it essentially broken.

    Also, that phone actually is unlockable, try talking to the guys over at the Japanese phone board at HoFo if they have any idea of who can do it. Even then, it doesnt support SMS though. It's a nice phone, on the other hand.