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The collection thread

  1. #311062012-06-26 03:36:19Noon said:

    @someone Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to look into that sometime. Going to wait for my current phone to be broken in a tragic accident or something and then I may move into the W64S. The whole no SMS thing is a bummer, but most of the time I'm not texting people anyways so it doesn't make much of a difference.

    Cool to see someone collecting phones. I only know a few people in real life who do that, so it's kind of a rare concept to me.

  2. #311672012-06-26 21:02:24ShadowMaster9990 said:

    I have a collection of Artix Entertainment merchandise which consists of t-shirts, a signed artbook, their first novel, 3 posters 2 of which are signed, 2 calenders, their first action figures including two limited edition versions(i am NEVER opening those 2, also their card game including 2 booster packs. I also have Bioshock and Bioshock 2. I have Assassin's Creed 2 and Revelations(might get 1 and brotherhood soon). I also have Fable 2 and 3. So I guess I have some nice partial collections.

  3. #604272013-07-06 08:10:14 *Penthus said:

    I don't really want to post pictures showing the cover of every single CD album I have because I've already done in the CD Collection thread and just doing it again to show more recent purchases is too bothersome.

    I used to have a lot more manga until I sold them and also have a 2+ years subscription worth of SJ mixed in with Newtype magazines.

    Matchboxes and matchbooks.

  4. #604312013-07-06 09:53:28hellstorm901 said:

    PSP/Manga collection More manga and video games Even more video games Book collection Airsoft collection

    Sorry for everything being reversed. Stupid camera.

  5. #604332013-07-06 13:45:59DarkChaplain said:

    @hellstorm901 How was Dan Abnett's Embedded? I have yet to try it for myself. And it looks like you're missing False Gods, the second Horus Heresy novel, which is set right between Horus Rising and Galaxy in Flames and is vital to the understanding of the series D:
    Though I have kicked your arse if you'd had earlier prints than the bronze run, really. I'd have killed for Gold copies of 'em.

  6. #604342013-07-06 14:25:49hellstorm901 said:

    Embedded is really a love it or hate it. Some parts are Sci - Fi cliche whilst the entire concept of it with the whole embedded reporting by taking over a person body is something I've yet to see in many works although the book isn't just a Sci - Fi Generation Kill.

    As for the Horus Heresy I didn't really know anything about the series. It was a book I saw at an airport and I desperately needed something to read and I thought why not just pick a 40K book since I find 40K interesting. (although I'm not a hardened up to date fan of Warhammer by any stretch of the imagination)

  7. #604362013-07-06 15:32:38DarkChaplain said:

    So is Embedded a recommended read, or not? Because I've got the ebook, but couldn't be arsed to put it onto any kind of priority list yet.

    Well, I dare say you made a mistake picking up the Horus Heresy first. A lot of the series' charme comes from knowing what shit is gonna be going on 10,000 years later, and the curiosity that comes with learning piece by piece why things have gone to hell. I'd only recommend the HH after having a good grip on 40k in general, knowing the major factions and about Chaos, and the galaxy-wide stalemate.

    Again, if you want an easy entry into the franchise, pick up the Eisenhorn omnibus by Dan Abnett (haha), since it does a fairly good job. Or maybe look forward to this baddie:

    David Annandale's got his Eclipse of Hope Blood Angels story included, despite it not being in any of the three short story collections they put into the omnibus. Should be about 30 stories in that Omnibus, from the whole spectrum of authors and covering a shitload of Space Marine factions.
    There's also Treacheries of the Space Marines, a fourth anthology, which is putting the Traitor Legions and Warbands into the spotlight specifically, but you'll find some of them in here as well.
    Some stories tie into existing series here and there, depending on the author (Graham McNeill has his Ultramarines in there, Nick Kyme his Salamanders, etc.), so it can work nicely as a compass of styles and factions.

    While its main focus are Space Marine stories, no two Chapters or Legions are the same, all have their quirks, as have the authors. You might just find something to like in there.

  8. #604452013-07-06 17:36:50hellstorm901 said:

    I would say that if you find the time you should probably read it but to me I didn't find it a standout and some parts of it to me just felt like "Amerikur" and the setting is just Sci - Fi Cold War.

    One thing that did interest me about the book and amused me is that some reporters as part of their jobs need to have a microchip installed which prevents them from swearing.

  9. #604352013-07-06 14:54:45 *reki said:

    Books, manga, (a couple of SJ and SB issues, and some character guides) and Korean manhwa. Also, I'm sorry. It's against my policy to throw/sell books and so those four atrocities are still there. The Danielle Steel is my aunt's. I don't know why she gave that copy to me.

    Some American comics. All DC and most are Batman. Stopped collecting for a while though.

    Filipino graphic novels and comics. Some of these are indie/self-published.


    More books.

    I store the ones I can't put on my shelf like so (if anyone is interested).

    And I guess I have some of these (although it's hardly what you'd call a collection).

  10. #616672013-07-25 19:25:01 *Noon said:
    Here's a small update for my small collection

    It hasn't grown much over the year, but I haven't been spending much money on manga or games recently.
  11. #696082014-02-03 06:22:49someone said:

    So a year and a half ago, I said that I might need a new shoebox. Well I didn't follow through with that part and look what's happened.

  12. #696102014-02-03 07:14:07Ktarl said:

    When I moved I had to leave my manga/book collection behind, but I started a new one. Will have to ship the ones I had left behind at some point, but sending 80 something books has turned out to be quite difficult. All my artbooks are still in a box under my bed. Will bring them out once I get a proper bookshelf to put everything on. photo WP_20140203_001_zpsdd13fe68.jpg on my computer desk photo WP_20140203_002_zpsb30c901b.jpg In my display case in the living room. (you can't really see her but Ryoko from Tenchi Muyo is hiding in the back)photo WP_20140203_004_zps5144b85a.jpg I do not really play anymore , but can't bring myself to get rid of these after all the work I put into them. photo WP_20140203_005_zps023840aa.jpg photo WP_20140203_006_zps59f22d21.jpg

  13. #696122014-02-03 07:27:58Kip said:

    idk if i can count this as a collection but i keep all of my sketches and drawings i've done on paper (i actually just got rid of my older ones from elementary school), and a lot of art shit just sort of hangs around my room...

    i can't even open those blue bins anymore, they're bent and stuck from all the weight of the papers and books inside. those are some cranes i folded out of CD Booklets, i have a collection of them that i did a couple summers ago but they're packed and in the basement.

    the ones i did manage to clean out and get open, but i can't push them back in.

    big sketchbook in backpack from high school. it was filled completely at one point.

    casually blots out my moms packages

    more bins with a emerald preorder tin hidden away in the drawer...

    my mouse pad is on top of my clipboard, which has tattoo designs on it that i'll probably never use

    more shit in a bin behind my bed

    blots out more of my moms stuff

    in the bag is a bunch of costume stuff that i made for cosplays. all accessories, nothing really fragile or anything.

    markers for my dry erase board which is missing

    some homestuck horns i made (the wig attached to one of them is really bad...). a small bottle cap collection is in that beer cup. hand knitted bob-omb that i got as a gift, kinda artsy fartsy and i like it. uuhhh lots of manga, half of it is packed away and in the basement as well somewhere and my anime is sort of hidden behind my mountain of medication (i had to get rid of three bottles because they were empty, it's not a grand collection anymore). i used to have a TY Beanie collection downstairs but our boiler room flooded after a pipe exploded and that was the end of that.

  14. #750742014-05-07 21:16:20abinit123 said:

    so i was sorting out my room so and remembered this thread so i thought i would share my growing collections, unfortunately some of my things have been put in box's because i'm moving or lent to friends so it's not the full collections ;-;