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The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

  1. #1130272018-01-16 06:38:01 *Kirn said:

    And now, for obligatory xmas AMV. This one is a MEP, so there are several editors and many anime - 20 to be precise. 20, because song they use is 'All I Want For Christmas' sang by Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs youtube channel, and in that one he does that song in 20 different styles, and the video follows.

  2. #1130292018-01-16 15:55:42Kirn said:

    And another one right on the same day. Now, this one almost made me close the tab by the stupid ugly 30-second long intro added for no apparent reason whatsoever... but this FLCL AMV is actually pretty enjoyable. Song is 'Kiss Me Deadly' by Reel Big Fish, and while editing is not doing any fancy effects, what we get in the song is what we see, and it's a good match.

  3. #1135932018-03-28 18:23:06Kirn said:

    This one is somewhat melancholy, but pretty good. Anime is Mahou Tsukai no Yome which I haven't seen yet, but planning to, and song is 'Crystals' by Of Monsters And Men. The world in the anime looks highly bizarre, which works good with the song if you know how bizarre Of Monsters And Men music videos usually are. In any case, got nice feeling from this.

  4. #1139722018-05-19 04:43:28Kirn said:

    Something very lighthearted this time. This AMV combines something like 50 or so anime, and all them characters go to the beach. And that's basically it. Music is 'Cake By The Ocean' by DNCE. Not a lot of effects, but a great deal of mixing and matching of different shows, combining them all in the same theme. Good light thing to watch just as beach season is coming around.

  5. #1139822018-05-20 07:59:02Kirn said:

    Well, after the previous one I did some related digging, and here are a few more hidden gems.

    This one is again a mix of something like 30+ anime shows, but it's absolutely justified, as the song is 'Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny' by Lemon Drop, which is about all the characters in the world anyways. Edited by hand, so there's a lot of effort there, even though the editing doesn't always look modern or perfect. Good fun all around.

    And even another mix. Not as many anime shows as the last one, with main emphasis on Saint Young Men, because the song is 'What Would Jesus Do?' by the Axis of Awesome. Editing? Editing there is putting Jesus face on everyone, but the idea is actually damn great, and it works well with anime.

    And this one is a AMV trailer. Anime is Outlaw Star, and the trailer they parody is Guardians of the Galaxy 2 trailer, which uses song "The Chain" by Fleetwood Mac, so hey, this counts as AMV in my book. Simple but tight editing, perfect rhythm, awesome show and characters match.

  6. #1144242018-08-05 10:07:32Kirn said:

    Some more AMVs.

    This one is AMV for 5 anime, including Baccano!, Black Lagoon and Drrr! with song being 'Jungle' by X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons. There's no wholesome story to this, but it's a good rhythm with a lot of action-crime scenes happening.

    Second one is for even more anime, which I will not list, and the song is 'My Shiny Teeth and Me' by Nathan Sharp. It's good dance anime, cheerful, upbeat, slightly maniacal... and this probably can be used as any tooth paste commercial ever.

  7. #1147662018-09-28 04:28:30Kirn said:

    Sometimes it's nice to start the morning with a few AMVs, eh?

    Alright, this one is for Panty and Stockings, with the song 'Na Na Na' by My Chemical Romance. And honestly, I never even seem a damn show, and I don't think I ever will, but I liked this anyways. There's good rhythm, good clean editing, and even some lip sync thrown in. Pretty fun to watch.

    Another one is for the show I seen a lot - Cowboy BeBop. Makes me glad this anime gets AMVs even 20 years after its original run. Song is 'Down The Road' by C2C. No lip syncing in this one, cause song really doesn't feature all that much lyrics, but this one got some fancy editing - both subtle and not so subtle.

  8. #1150542018-10-27 15:10:32Kirn said:

    This one is for good old Ouran Host Club. And the song is 'The Other Side' from The Greatest Showman. Our main hero looking for a final hire in his crazy show. Surprisingly, this is a pretty good fit and a lot of fun to watch as you make parallels between the song lyrics and the characters.

    Second one is for Seven Deadly Sins anime, with the song 'White Flag' by Daughtry. This one, inspired by the anime second season, is more serious, showing off both the show's action and some of the darker moments.

  9. #1154292019-01-14 17:27:01 *Kirn said:

    Found this little gem yesterday. Anime is Nichijou, and that one is always a great source of material. Music is 'It's A Hard-Knock Life' from Annie OST. With lyrics about poor beaten kids and strong rhythm, this is perfect for the anime about daily life of ordinary girls where amount of ass-kicking breaks all allowed norms.