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The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

  1. #916222015-08-27 15:00:58Kirn said:

    Some more AMVs. First one is made using Noragami anime with song "Immortals" by Fall Out Boy. I myself enjoyed this anime much more than I expected, so I was quite glad to see a very nicely-made AMV for it. Song is good, and video provides balanced amounts of drive and fun, and they just match really well together.

    Now this thing is both funny and damn weird. Music is "Repeat Stuff" by Bo Burnham, and let me tell you, if you do not know the official music video for this one - it's worth checking out. Video is made up of many anime and fits the lyrics perfectly. Too perfect even. The song itself is a great satire, and making AMV out of it just tears down all the inhibitions there could have been. Also there's Satan.

  2. #916232015-08-27 16:05:34Ghelzonianses said:

    Surprised that I haven't seen anything by Umika yet D:

    One of my favorite AMVs of all time. Many Anime scenes used, with Oreki Houtarou (Hyoka) x Mio Akiyama (K-on!). Music 10/10, emotional impact 10/10, editing 10/10. Umika collab ZEVS1993

    Also by Umika,

    Not really an AMV per say, but the trailer for a AMV contest. SUPER Hype and I don't even make AMVs. I absolutely love how video was edited in time with the drum hits.

  3. #917612015-08-30 19:31:56Kirn said:

    Two more AMVs. Very different, but very distinct.

    First one is AMV for First Squad - Moments of Truth anime, and the song is "Panzerkampf" by Sabaton. This AMV is pure Soviet patriotism overload, in style! Interestingly enough, video doesn't use much of the scenes directly related to the story, and instead works with general battle-related shots. Work is simple enough, but the idea and implementation are really damn powerful.


    Second one is AMV for Tonari no Seki-kun anime, and the classical music here is "Figaro's Aria" by Erich Kunzel. Music used is without words, and that is very fitting to the anime, as Seki-kun's performance there is completely silent one. The AMV is made in a way so that every 'separate' part of the music shows pretty much the separate episode incident. Damn nice idea and the rhythm feels exactly right.

  4. #920632015-09-19 12:08:23Kirn said:

    Well, holy fuck, it was hard to find a good Death Parade AMV. And don't get me wrong, there are a lot of them out there, but I feel like most of them either don't represent the feeling of the anime or just don't fit the video at all. But here, this song is "Who We Were With" by Paradise Fears, and fucking hell, as someone who loves this anime greatly, this fits perfectly. And the video editing is done properly, matching both pacing of the song and the meaning of it. So, in my opinion, this is currently the best Death Parade AMV. Period.
    Btw, I don't usually do this, but I will warn you - if you haven't seen the anime yet (you bastard), this AMV got some big spoilers, so don't watch it just yet if you want to avoid that.

  5. #922242015-09-26 09:57:14Kirn said:

    Well, lol. Here I was saying that I found the very best Death Parade AMV, and 5 days leter we have a strong contender for the position. Anime is, as you guessed it, Death Parade, song is "Panic Station" by Muse. Now, I still think that previous song is more to the underlying point of the anime. But around the whole point we get a great wrap, and this song matches that perfectly. I mean, they do make a lot of people panic during the show. And the editing here is really damn good. So yeah, this is more upbeat, which is something right in tune with Death Parade, it being about death in horrors of human soul in a very nice way )

  6. #924692015-10-05 13:02:02Kirn said:

    Let's have some more!

    This one looks pretty interesting. Video here is split onto 3 screens - one is Durarara, other is K-ON, and last one is Zetsubou Sensei. Music is "Don't You Evah" by Spoon. This is a very interesting idea. Not too fast or action-y, but at times 2 screens provide background for 3rd one, sometimes actions correlate on all 3... It's a very interesting editing making, and with a nice tune to it.

    This one is, very simply, about gods. All sorts. And this is a mix of about 20 animes, Hercules cartoon, there's even a Morgan Freeman from Bruce Almighty. Music is "Are You Ready For A Miracle" by Patti LaBelle. This is upbeat, this is pure fun, and it has nice editing to is, plus, at times events rush past so fast, you might want to watch it again and pause in certain spots to let a better look at what's going on. Ranging from most touching Madoka moments to some wand weird shit, this is perfect for some light entertainment.


  7. #925632015-10-11 11:03:24Kirn said:

    You wouldn't expect me to say this, but this is fucking cute. This AMV is for anime Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun, and the song is "Herp de Derp" by the Gregory Brothers. Now, you know, I don't really do all that herp/derp thing and I'm not into it, but for this... for this, it's just perfect. The song is great for representing the awkward main couple of the series, and video follows it along greatly. Also, video deals exclusively with Nozaki/Sakura couple. Watch it, it's damn cute.

  8. #929452015-10-23 10:00:28Kirn said:

    How about some surreal stuff?

    This AMV is made for old classic anime movie Paprika. Song is "Dreams" by Beck. This is just a good mix of both amazing anime and good music. Song isn't exactly following the action, but in this case, it's more about the general feel of it all coming together.

    Now, this one is... is... Well, anime is Black Butler, which I dislike with strong passion. And music is... ready?.. "Be Our Guest" from Disney cartoon Beauty And The Beast. Yes. And oh my fucking god, it's not only perfect, it made me laugh, which says a lot. Matched to the pace and the lyrics, this AMV alone makes knowing that anime worth it.

  9. #935762015-11-07 18:09:50Kirn said:

    Here are two more. These are... very different.

    First one is AMV for... JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (Stardust Crusaders & Phantom Blood). Man, that anime looks weird... and the song is up to par - "Good L_ck (Yo_'re F_cked)" by Celldweller. This is just... funny thing is, video actually goes along with song's words, but you just do not care. You are too busy trying to embrace the whole experience without having your brain explode. Have fun!

    Next one is one more Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei AMV, this one for songs "Killer" by The Ready Set and "Windeaux" by LakeSide Percussionists. I said that these two AMVs are different, but actually they are similar in a way that here video also follows the song, but really, you are more interested by the general experience. Your brain will not explode, but you might get totally weirded out. Also, shovel.

  10. #941072015-11-16 19:46:42Kirn said:

    While chat is dead again/still/whatever, here is more AMV goodness.

    Did I hear One Punch in video above? I did, so here, have a One Punch Man AMV, with music "Deeper Deeper" by One OK Rock. This isn't the only AMV for this anime/song mix, but this one got the most drive. Which is what it is, pure damn drive. So, this one is perfect for any action AMVs fans. Also, credits at the end are funny.


    Next one is for Kyousougiga anime, music is "Save It For Later" by Harvey Danger. I do enjoy when there are good AMVs for less known and more weird animes like this one. And video combines the anime and song in near-perfect rhythm. Very damn enjoyable.

  11. #941282015-11-17 04:03:09 *EvoRulz said:

    Possibly already shared here somewhere but this is one of the best AVMs i have ever seen in terms of the effort in the editing and synchronization. (i guess that doesn't really mean anything since I havn't seen many AMVs, in fact i rarely watch them, but this was a huge exception) Fun Fact: The audio is a remix of 53 different songs & this AMV is a remix of 40 different anime

    Also by Baka Oppai Face Your Fears | Anime Expo 2014 Best Drama

    Magi, The Dayman | Fanime 2013 Amv Action Winner

  12. #950042015-12-04 14:48:23Kirn said:

    Warning, this next post is borderline NSFW.

    Found two AMVs, completely different, but really, all about getting some...

    So okay, this one, appropriately called "Boys' Life" is AMV for... game Devil May Cry 4. You know, the one where we played Dante's copycat for some reason. And, if that's not weird enough, music is "Sex Bomb" parodied by Palast Orchester. Let me tell you right away, video got properly added effects to get the right feel, but pacing of video and music are not matching well. But really, this is epic just for the weirdness of it.

    Disgusting that was, right? Well, here is AMV that can be a direct reply to that: music is "Take A Hint" by Victorious, and it's a whole mix of various animes. This one got great rhythm and pacing, and is just a short blast of fun. And a pretty clear explanation that you shouldn't grab girl's ti... Well, just watch it, really.