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The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

  1. #1051572016-07-17 14:31:33Kirn said:

    This one sure looks weird. The song is "Move Your Body" by Blessed By A Broken Heart. And the video is made of like tens of animations, from FLCL to Batmetal Return. Too many to list them all. Pacing is well made, editing is decent, and this is a pure musical video. No real sense, just the rhythm and the craziness.

    This one if AMV for Fate/Stay Night anime (the good one). Song is "Wasting Time" by Red. And like previous one was all about music, this one is all about action. Minimal editing, but anime has enough awesomness in fighting scenes to not need anything added. Good for any Fate/Night fan.

  2. #1063112016-08-20 09:14:02Kirn said:

    Holy hell, I haven't posted here for a month! Well, actually, I didn't see any good AMVs in that time, so yeah. But now I got a few!

    This one is for Sidonia No Kishi anime. The music got no words. It's a composition called "Through the Walls" by I am waiting for you last summer. Wiki tells me, it's a Russian music group, but there are no words, so it doesn't matter. Video edited pretty damn well, following the changes in the music. I think, this actually could be a really cool trailer for the anime.

    This next one is... well, first of all, it's a real mix of anime, and other things. From Prison School anime to Love The Way You Move music video. Song is "Energia" by RUSSKAJA, which is, and I am quoting wiki again "a Russian Metal band from Vienna, Austria". Song is pretty much about being very energetic in a wacky way, but really, even without the lyrics understanding, this may give you a good chuckle.

  3. #1066602016-09-04 06:02:51 *Lieutenant said:

    AMV using Nightwish songs, like medley, with various of animes used. Video was made in 2010 even, and it's 10 minutes long.

  4. #1070802016-09-18 07:08:10Kirn said:

    So, this one is a mix of a few animes. I think, somewhere around ten. Song is "Heathens" by Twenty One Pilots - Heathens. Theme is pretty much a city full of fucked up criminals. This amv feels pretty damn atmospheric.

    And this one... is also a mix... of about 10+ anime, song is - "You Lovely You" by Young Wolf Hatchlings. And this is extremely lewd video. I can't refuse the fact, however, that it has some very smart editing, and there's a lot of thought put into is. So enjoy, you perverts.

  5. #1083162016-12-09 20:12:22Kirn said:

    Goddamn, this is so dead without me... okay now.

    This one is AMV for Niea_7 anime (wtf is it even?) and the song is "Mercedes Benz" remix by Janis Joplin. And... I really can't say much about it. Light and funny.

    Next one is AMV for popular Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress with song "Resist and Bite" by Sabaton. Epic song for epic anime. Pace is good, and even though there's not much matching with what's on screen, general feel is damn inspiring.

    And the next one is properly epic. AMV for Fate series, with song "I Want To Live" by Skillet. Now, this is great in all the ways. Awesome editing, great song for damn awesome anime. And lurics actually fit the on-screen drama. Good find.

  6. #1087052017-01-08 10:23:16Kirn said:

    These next 2 are pretty similar, so I will put them together. One is AMV for very nice anime series Barakamon, song is "Never Do Anything" by Barenaked Ladies. Other is for incredible anime movie Tokyo Godfathers and the song is "Sun" by Sleeping At Last. Both anime and songs are quite different, but what I find similar is how video is not necessarily showing what song is about, but it is still very much in tune with the general feeling of the anime. So it is good. Plus, both are made by pretty good AMV makers, so there's the obvious quality to them. Anyways, enjoy.

  7. #1090932017-02-11 15:29:04Kirn said:

    Few move AMVs. First one is AMV for RWBY, cause we all love RWBY. And the song is "Heroes" by Generdyn Music ft Zayde Wolf. And it is just damn awesome. I feel, the video grasps the song feeling perfectly. And vise versa, really. And damn good editing.

    Another one is for Black Lagoon. Song is "On The Rocks" by Amaranthe. Black Lagoon is your popular anime of choice for any fast-paced song with a lot of drive, so that's what it is, really. Fast song, lots of on-screen shooting. Nothing that we haven't seen before in Black Lagoon AMVs, but it's still pretty damn good.

  8. #1095012017-03-11 06:30:57Kirn said:

    More, more, it is never enough.

    First one is for Sakamoto anime, and the song is "Me Too" by Meghan Trainor. Sakamoto anime is fabulous up to unhealthy point, and song like that fits quite well. While this is quite simplistic, good fit of material, apparently, won this amv quite a few rewards.

    Next up is Gintama anime with the song "Looking Like This" by Lyre Le Temps. And this is Gintama, goddamn it, and a humorous song, so you can imagine, it works damn good. Funny shit. Warning, though - the further it goes, the more nasty it gets. It IS Gintama after all.

    Next one is the pure epic AMV. Bakemono no Ko anime with song "Warriors" by Imagine Dragons. Actually, do I even need to add anything to this? It's powerful, it's epic, it's all about fighting. I haven't seen this anime yet, but goddamn, after this AMV I feel I really should.

  9. #1113962017-07-08 11:13:00Kirn said:

    This one is properly epic, and it apparently won numerous awards. Song is "Wake Me Up" by Avicii ft. Aloe Blacc. And this AMV has, goddamn, it feels like there are clips from close to 100 anime shows. Going in a huge range - starting with stuff from 60-ies, and ending up with what we see today. And all those shows are just that - timeless.

  10. #1114962017-07-20 15:41:47Kirn said:

    So I am not exactly a fan of Space Dandy anime. But this... THIS!.. So, music is "Uptown Funk" by Mark Ronson featuring Bruno Mars, and let me tell you, if you know that song, you know it's perfect for this anime. Add to this huge amount of editing - not changing imagery, but styling it as a comics book, and the wacky nature of series themselves... Worth a watch even if you aren't a fan.

  11. #1118972017-09-06 05:03:35Kirn said:

    This AMV is for Noragami anime. Which, as I said before, I enjoyed more than I would have expected. Song is "Bills" by LunchMoney Lewis. And bot only it is good editing, following the melody, but the match is perfect, as in Noragami main hero is always looking for money (in 2 yen coins installments even). So, you know... bills.

  12. #1118982017-09-07 00:46:53Teru said:

    Neato, I just got all volumes available here in Brasil so I was already in the vibe for some Noragami.

  13. #1120742017-09-23 11:55:33Kirn said:

    Okay, as much as I FUCKING HATE Evangelion, this is a really nice AMV for it. Song is "Believer" by Imagine Dragons. And it actually lip-syncs, as weird as it might sound as look. And overall style is actually making something nice out of that train-wreck of the anime. Also, there are tits. Because it IS Eva after all.

    And this one is not as much of AMV as it is GMV - because all the footage here is from games. And it's a real fun mix - from Mass Effect to Final Fantasy 15 even, and mostly the game cinematic are used here. Song is "Outbreak" (Feat. MYLK) by Feint. Pretty unusual combination of video sources, and it truly works to be epic.

  14. #1121692017-10-07 07:12:59Kirn said:

    How often do we get good AMVs for FLCL? Fuck, I can't remember when was the last one, so here's one now! Song is "Back against the wall" by Cage the Elephant, and it's just a damn good fit. Style of song goes well to the style of the anime itself, and with it we got modern editing on this old-time gem.