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The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

  1. #1130272018-01-16 06:38:01 *Kirn said:

    And now, for obligatory xmas AMV. This one is a MEP, so there are several editors and many anime - 20 to be precise. 20, because song they use is 'All I Want For Christmas' sang by Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs youtube channel, and in that one he does that song in 20 different styles, and the video follows.

  2. #1130292018-01-16 15:55:42Kirn said:

    And another one right on the same day. Now, this one almost made me close the tab by the stupid ugly 30-second long intro added for no apparent reason whatsoever... but this FLCL AMV is actually pretty enjoyable. Song is 'Kiss Me Deadly' by Reel Big Fish, and while editing is not doing any fancy effects, what we get in the song is what we see, and it's a good match.

  3. #1135932018-03-28 18:23:06Kirn said:

    This one is somewhat melancholy, but pretty good. Anime is Mahou Tsukai no Yome which I haven't seen yet, but planning to, and song is 'Crystals' by Of Monsters And Men. The world in the anime looks highly bizarre, which works good with the song if you know how bizarre Of Monsters And Men music videos usually are. In any case, got nice feeling from this.