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The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

  1. #642482013-10-04 12:25:50 *Kirn said:

    Hmmm... also, I think, for some reason this AMV isn't here, so I am purring this here. This is pretty much the most epic AMV ever for any catgirls, catboys and plain cats fan out there ))

  2. #642512013-10-04 13:18:05 *Shorono said:

    For some reason the Evangelion 0.11 AMV isnt showing up, the url is in the post though. Some of the staff might want to check that out.

  3. #643352013-10-07 07:29:02Kirn said:

    This AMV really impressed me. There aren't many decent Excel Saga amvs as it is, and this one is extremely good. But the greatest thing is the song pick which sets the scene here. The song is "Skid Row" and it's from the comedy-horror-musical movie "Little shop of horrors". Well, the song and anime work well even if you didn't see the movie, but if you saw it... well, this amv is a real treat, I can tell you that.

  4. #644352013-10-09 21:07:34One said:

    Found this video a few days ago. The title of this thread is fitting to this video.

    This one is pretty old, but interesting nonetheless.

  5. #651092013-10-29 09:49:42Kirn said:

    Few more additions. First, there's a Soul Eater amv using the "We are young" song. Now, I already posted amv with that song here, but this one is also pretty damn good.

    And here's the true masterpiece. Cowboy Bebop Movie amv, song "God's Gonna Cut You Down" by Johnny Cash. One of the greatest animes ever together with one of the greatest singers ever.

  6. #652682013-11-02 14:20:52 *Kirn said:

    Here's one more which matches perfectly and got a great drive. Anime: BLack Lagoon, music: Royal Republic - Tommy Gun. That's just fucking awesome.

  7. #662582013-11-16 17:10:51judar said:

    I think it actually may be her! I just realised that it's not just ONE anime it's like 60 spliced together to look like one which just makes it more amazing ahh!

  8. #668192013-12-01 16:28:08Kirn said:

    Few posts age here, I posted Excel Saga AMV, made by someone named 'Warlike Swans'. Well, that person has a few more good ones, which, I think, haven't been posted here yet. So here they are.

    A mix of Zetsubou Sensei and Call me Maybe song. There are a lot of good Zetsubou amvs, but this is just perfect. Ideal match of anime and music, really.

    And this next one... honestly, I am still laughing as I re-watch this. This is a trully unholy mix of Bleach and... Pokemon song! Yes. The most vile part is, that it also matches!

  9. #668732013-12-03 16:29:47 *Rinneko said:

    Just perfect. I can't fathom how much effort the maker put in to this.

    This feels so full of joy. Not sure if anyone has posted these though, because they were made a while back.