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The Most Epic AMVs of All Time!!!

  1. #698082014-02-07 10:22:36Kirn said:

    Haven't updated this is a while. Here's a pretty cool Hellsing AMV. Good fast pace, blood, gore, what else you need? Music: Nightwish - Storytime. I will say - the quality could have been better, really. But otherwise, pretty damn good.

  2. #698092014-02-07 10:31:02 *Kip said:

    i don't really like AMV's but once in a while i'll see one that's good. idk if this one's been posted already (threads like this don't fucking load for me because of all the videos, i hate it, sorry in advance if any of these are duplicates) but;

  3. #699712014-02-12 19:43:37Kirn said:

    This is incredibly romantic! We have Soul Eater amv here about Stein x Medusa pairing. And the song is Tainted Love as performed by Marilyn Manson. So... yeah, you pretty much can imagine already how this goes.

  4. #710622014-03-08 10:38:12kofuku said:

    Just a few of my favourites. Don't think any of them have been posted yet :/

    (the music's a bit silly for this last one but I can't help myself with Fruits Basket; nicely edited too ^_^)

  5. #712232014-03-13 19:28:12Kirn said:

    Here's a pretty wild one. This one is Samurai Champloo AMV and the music is Chase and Status – Hypest Hype. Now, I have to say, that anime didn't resonate to me much. I watched it, had quite a few laughs, but the 'music feeling' they had there wasn't the one for me. And hey, I will say even more - the song in this AMV is not something I would listen to, really. But it comes together extremely well. It fits, and it's damn good, so here it is.

  6. #725272014-04-03 14:27:07Kirn said:

    So. This is a pretty interesting work. Music is Avicii - Levels, Flo Rida - Good Feeling (Instrumental). This is pretty much music and not a song, and the music here is just there for a beat. However, the visual work here is damn nice and follows a story of different anime characters (too many to mention, really) going to the Anime 101 class. I have to say, apart from the main storyline here, a lot of stuff is going on in the background, so it's one of those rare AMVs that even has high rewatching value.

  7. #743742014-04-28 12:58:44 *Kirn said:

    To commemorate the ending of our Villain contest, here are AMVs for the top three animes we had there. Now, those aren't necessarily villain-centered. Also, the videos there are made to properly fit the music, and the music there is... well, just try not to have any seizures while watching these epic things.
    WARNING! These AMV can contain a lot of spoilers! Especially the first one! Do not watch if you haven't seen the anime yet!

    1st place. Father - Fullmetal Alchemist.
    So, obviously, the anime is FMA: Brotherhood, and the song is "This Is War" by Thirty Seconds To Mars. Now, there are quite a few variations of this AMV going around. Initially I remember it being quite different, but this newer version is also quite good, maybe even with better editing at the end. Anyhow, the song fits the series greatly, and remake is in good quality.

    2nd place. Johan - Monster.
    It wasn't easy to find decent AMV for this series. Not as popular as other two, really. Still, there are dedicated people out there, so here's AMV using the "Crawling" by Linkin Park and some hectic editing to make properly uncomfortable feeling. I do think that the editing is a bit overboard here, but it also represents the state of mind of the most characters in the series quite well.

    3rd place. Alucard - Hellsing
    Just like with FMA, this is the song ("Monster" by Skillet) that is used a lot to make AMVs for this anime. And for obvious reasons, really. However, here I will stick with the older version which I still find superior to all the new variations. It's fast, it's gruesome, and it's overloaded with video-editing that will leave you foaming from the mouth if you would watch it too much. And it's really perfect for these series and my favourite among the winners. Enjoy!

  8. #775302014-06-04 15:07:00Kirn said:

    So, this is rare enough. A decent Drrr AMV. Song is Rob Zombie - Werewolf, Baby! Pretty good work on timing and effects, and the whole thing just feels pretty natural and in-tune with the song. On the downside, there's just too much Izaya and Shizuo in this goddamn thing, so you can expect all the familiar images used many times over already. At least that's how it feels for me. Still, a very decent work and enjoyable to watch.

  9. #777652014-06-08 09:52:32 *Kirn said:

    So, I got reminded of one BeBop AMV today, so I am giving it to you. The anime is, obviously, Cowboy BeBop and the song is Jim's Big Ego - Stress. You will notice right away, that the quality is not perfect and there are no effects at all. However, the author managed to make video almost perfectly going along with the lines of the song. And you will have a few good laughs here, you can be sure of that.

    Also, watching that AMV reminded me of something I consider the platinum standard of video following the song. And the platinum standard of lip-syncing. So, this AMV's song is Very Tasteful - Lip Syncing to the Song. And it's a mix of something like 20+ animes there. And goddamnit, this may be the best sync ever. Well, because that's pretty much the whole point here - syncing lyrics and meaning to the video and characters. They even made it lip-sync for a character whose face you can't see at all! Work of a real master.

  10. #780952014-06-13 09:15:27Kirn said:

    Another AMV for you. This time it's a Gintama AMV, and the song is Drowning Pool - Bodies. Now, I never watched Gintama, but I know it's always good for AMV. Now, the author of this one obviously made this with the goal of much epicness in mind. Because of that, the AMV is heavy on effects, especially at the beginning, but it pick up quick and gives some damn good visuals to go along with lyrics. So, it's pretty damn good.