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Colorless IRL Baby Pictures

  1. #654662013-11-05 01:32:52judar said:

    all babies are cute it is ok!!! i was an ugly bab y holy shit just look at me my mum shaved off ALL my hair ugh a h

  2. #763212014-05-21 07:12:57 *Frey said:

    So I found this OVERLY CUTE thread about BABIES.... And since I'm slapping people with my baby picture I might as well post it here. Since you know...cute WHOOOS THAT CUTIE...IT'S A ME! FREYRIE!

    Edit: I still own that dinosaur shirt hidden somewhere in the house. That's how sentimental my parents

  3. #1092992017-02-24 11:20:46 *chalice said:

    Sorry for the bad quality pictures. Baby me can't take a picture. (my other sister was cropped out of one of these pics).