gibe monies plz!

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Parent: The collection thread

  1. #310962012-06-26 01:33:07 *someone said:

    The moment when you realize you need a bigger shoebox now.

    The arsenal as of now:

    HTC: Evo 3d (Current)

    Nokia: 1100b, 1112, 3120b, 3220 (x2), N-Gage QD, 5800

    LG: KM555

    Blackberry: 7290, 8707v

    SE: w810i, w580i (x2), c902i, w350i

    Keitais: 703SH. N705i

    Motorola: v551 (not pictured), v220

    Misc: HP iPaq 6325, Treo 270