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  1. Minesweeper thread [+tutorial]

    #312802012-06-28 01:31:50 *Lycan said:

    All right, I hope I'm not the only warrior against the mines around here. If I am, here's a tutorial I made just a minute ago or so and posted on tumblr, feel free to reblog it. We need everyone we can find in this war. You heard me, this is WAR.

    We cannot let the mines claim any more lives!!

  2. #312872012-06-28 02:01:08Lycan said:

    Yeah you usually kind of have to guess at the end, which sucks. But at least you didn't get stuck in one of the corners!

  3. #313212012-06-28 13:05:19Decae said:

    I too am a minesweeper.

    Except in almost every game I play, I get to where you must guess and I always guess the wrong one. Ugh.

  4. #313812012-06-29 00:15:11Lycan said:

    BUT HOW CAN YOU PEOPLE SUCK AT IT? The only reason you can suck at this game is that you don't understand how it works! The main thing to understand is that the number tells you how many mines are around it!

    I marked two numbers with red and the area around them in different color here. The red three has only three boxes next to it that are not opened, so they must be mines!! And the one I marked only has one box next to it, so it has to be a mine!

  5. #313822012-06-29 00:17:07Lycan said:

    But of course we already knew that the one there was a mine thanks to the three. But you can check every number to know for certain!