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  1. The CL Nuzlocke

    #31302012-01-01 22:44:43 *Viral said:

    Well, I thought this would be fun because I've been meaning to a Nuzlocke challenge for awhile (basically the hard version of pokemon. You pokemon die, only get to catch 1 pokemon per route, etc). Buuuuuttt, I'd involve you guys...and name them after you guys. And your chance to be in a possible nuzlocke comic. Just reply that you wanna be nicknamed!

    So, what pokemon you get is random. You can put what pokemon you would prefer to be (I'm playing Pokemon SS btw. I know it opens up a lot after you beat the elite 4 but that will take awhile). And you can also request to be my rival if you guys want.

    Current Team
    Zetta - M - Chikorita - LVL 10
    JojoBird - F - Hoothoot - LVL 5


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  2. #31362012-01-01 22:51:10Arrekusu said:

    Arrechu the Pikachu. :3

    Make the Rival Arrezander, my evil twin brother that is a few years older than me somehow.

  3. #31462012-01-01 23:24:21MrTrain said:

    I want in on this. BUT PLEASE NOT RATTATA PLEASE NOT RATTATA PLEASE NOT RATTATA or raticate but that would be asking too much.