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The CL Nuzlocke

  1. #34072012-01-02 19:12:56 *DeathByBiscuit said:

    OH I wanna play pokemon hardmode again, I did it when I was a kid. Lol I remember crying when my charmander died. Oh and I would also like to be nicknamed into your game, but I'll forgive you if you don't do it, just because you reminded me of this.

  2. #34322012-01-02 20:29:22Xyopq said:

    Hardest to catch and fastest to die ~

    Name an Abra after me, and he will either be smothered like a candle in the wind; or grow a moustache that will allow him to backhand your enemies With his Mind.

  3. #34342012-01-02 20:31:15MrTrain said:

    Thankfully, my GBA SP battery survived the night. Sorry I haven't asked to use your names, it was at the moment and I couldn't think of any others.

    Current Team: Viral M Cyndaquil lvl 8 Zetta M Caterpie lvl 3

  4. #35192012-01-02 23:14:27 *Zetta said:

    Hohoho might as well post here my team as of now.

    Team: Arch M Cyndaquil lvl 12 (liked the name) John M Pidgey lvl 9 (do the windy thing john!) Ashley F Beedrill lvl 10 (teh one with that name on cl knows) Rocky M Onix lvl 3 (traded a bellsprout...chlora D;) Hais F Mareep lvl 7 (@hais)

    Team in order: mareep.mareep.mareep.mareep.mareep.

  5. #37542012-01-03 13:36:53 *Zetta said:

    @MrTrain eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh insert nichijou reference well at least you were not that far into the game, ive had my data being erased when i was close to the last gym or so...didnt cry....

    i raged.

    you can still try to do emu though~~

  6. #37792012-01-03 15:52:48MrTrain said:

    @Zetta Well, I like the game way too much to throw it away, something like this wouldn't make me do that. I can't deny how painful it is though, to remember all the hard work I spent playing gone to waste. Also it's not like there is anything I can do about the game, I don't know how to repair it, so I pretty have just deal with it.