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  1. Windjammers Wimbledon

    #313702012-06-28 21:48:47 *VivoDePyre said:

    It's fast! It's virtual! It's frisbee! It's EXTREEEEME!

    It's Windjammers, for the Neo Geo!

    Why do I bring this up, you may ask. Well you see, the local arcade (Arcade Legacy in Cincinnati) is having a tournament tonight for it. I suck at this game, so you may not see me very long in the livestream above. However, there will be some pretty good players. The tournament will start about 7:00EST, about an hour from now for people too lazy to do math. So when that time comes, tune in for a bit and see why Windjammers is an amazing game.

    Again, I suck at this game. Feel free to root me on, but I'm most likely gonna lose. Just sayin'