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  1. My Avatar showed me the Future

    #320902012-07-04 23:17:44 *Akri said:

    Somewhat pointless thread to be honest. But I just had a sudden realization....

    For a very long time, since near the birth of this site, I've been using the same avatar... (well just today I flipped it so the bangs were on the right-side)

    And now, (oh happy Independence Day by the way).... I just discovered something. My avatar has the same hair as me! Lol! Just got a hair cut a few days ago. If I had a hat, I'd probably look more or less like that.

    I'm waiting for some BBQ. I've got nothing better to do. Well, maybe I should finish up my Humanities' course's homework.

    I hope you guys are also eating BBQ. mmmm.