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  1. Hatred time! Today's target- FANGIRLS

    #323002012-07-07 15:46:02 *the7th said:

    I hate. HATE HATE HATE Fangirls, otaku, and weeaboos at the moment. HATE them. I can't click on a single internet forum nowadays without being swarmed by "kawaii!!!111!!! BAKA! Desu! Ne! Nya! Chu! ~Chan! ~kun! ~San! ~Sama!" It's driving me INSANE! I N S A N E I hate it when they use Japanenglish because it sounds just "SUUUU SUGOI KAWAII DESU NYA~!" Everytime I read that I die a little inside. You either speak Japanese or English. There's a BIG line there. A BIG one. There IS no in between, but apparently you've managed to do so. Bad grammar. Excuse that. Stop cosplaying everywhere you go while gnawing on pocky and consuming the manga isles. You're disrupting the APPRECIATORS of Japanese culture, such as myself, from enjoying manga and pocky in solitude. Yes, I like pocky. Yes, I watch anime and read manga. Yes, I know a lot of the Japanese language. Yes, I study that language more than 3 times a week. Yes, I use emoticons frequently. No, I do not obsess over EVERYTHING Japanese, fall in love with EVERY asian I meet (which, in my eyes, is cruel because you only like them for their looks. -_-), use Japanenglish, draw nothing but anime/manga characters, fail to shower daily, need pocky to survive, fire off kawaii (and most fangirls say "kowai" instead of "kawaii". "Kowai means "scary". XD) every five seconds, or write steamy and perverted fanfictions of me and my favorite character from an anime I've never taken the liberty to watch but the characters are "SUUUU KAWAII DESU NYAAAAAAA~!" No. Just.... No. Ever heard of "magicalpockyusagi" on YouTube? She is the #1 example of everything I just explained. Creepy. Who's with me???

  2. #323092012-07-07 16:01:28the7th said:

    @DarkChaplain Oops... I was actually talking about how I used bad grammar in the sentence above that sentence... But I guess I can add that to the list... ^~^U And I didn't mean the shower thing specifically to fangirls, but there is a problem with many fangirls with that...

  3. #323112012-07-07 16:03:55the7th said:

    @DarkChaplain I admit to being a bit fangirly time to time, but I'm never obnoxious like those other ones... Good to read that P.S. and know there are other fangirls out there that arent annoying...

  4. #323122012-07-07 16:03:58the7th said:

    @DarkChaplain I admit to being a bit fangirly time to time, but I'm never obnoxious like those other ones... Good to read that P.S. and know there are other fangirls out there that arent annoying...

  5. #323132012-07-07 16:19:00judar said:

    I is too kerr-waii-eee for u htrtzzz >:c !

    I am too animmee for this shit!

    Fangurls unito desu!!!1!!1!one!elevenhundrendandone!!1!1!

    I kid, I kid ahahah ♥

    I guess some fangirls can be so obnoxious that I tend not to associate with them, but it's undeniable that I am a fangirl just not one that you've described ahaha! It is unfortunate that I have met people like this in real life and really, in my honest opinion . . . they do not benefit society in anyway and should not carry on breathing my air in some of the worst cases. Some of them can get very . . . physical over their fandoms, lets say.

  6. #323162012-07-07 16:50:33 *Fieyr said:


    All I can say is, relatively speaking, there are more important things to be concerned with. If something like this irritates you to the point that you 'hate' someone, then I would suggest looking inward first and asking yourself what is wrong with me that I'm so irritated, over something so trivial, that it would cause me to hate another human being.

    There will always be people who are obnoxiously enthusiastic towards something that interests them. It's part of growing up and maturing.

    It's also part of growing up and maturing to learn to not let yourself be bothered by such things.

  7. #323292012-07-07 17:41:25Fieyr said:

    @kosukechan- Thanks Kosuke, but I'm really not. I've just lived through enough hardships that it has forced me to become better at distinguishing what's important in life in order to make the best use of my time.

  8. #323302012-07-07 17:44:58Kuroba_Loki said:

    If you can't live with people like'd best be on your way out..

    Yo gonna get


    /The God Of Mischief/

  9. #323332012-07-07 18:08:44CC_Lemon said:

    @DarkChaplain- "Chingchong"? You little fucker XD, I see what you did there.

    Just floating by, no opinions whatsoever~

    何なにか食たべるものがほしい。 じゃ。。。。ポッキー~ 僕にはがポッキーたくさんある 。。。と可愛いものたくさんある 。。。と同人誌くさんある

    にゃんくさんある にゃんくさんある にゃんくさんある


  10. #323342012-07-07 18:13:21Lumiex said:




  11. #323472012-07-07 19:42:52Maryam said:

    Gomen gomen I apologize for mai other fangirls desu~ neee~ I AM SUU SORRII THAT WE ARE IRRITATING YOU DESU~ Again, gomen. But you have to admit everything from Japan is kawaiiii. And omg JAPANESE BOYS KYAAAAAA~ I really thought we could be tomodachi, baka! Mai kokoro is shattered.

    Haters gon' hate.

    It is no secret that Ori and I are fangirls. I take pride in being one, seeing as I don't actually do half the things you accuse us of. Writing that above paragraph honestly hurt.

    Don't limit fangirls to all things from the Japan and anime-relating things. There are fangirls of everything. Tom Hiddleston, for example. One does not have to enjoy Anime to love him yet they still count as fangirls. Please avoid clumping us together. There are limitless things to fangirl about. Also, this really isn't the type of place you would want to be posting this type of thread. This website was based off of an Anime and many of us ARE mild fangirls and deal with it in a very civil manner (?)

    And please, @the7th , PARAGRAPHS.

  12. #323542012-07-07 20:18:48 *Mau said:
    Wow, it never ceases to amaze me how people can find the stupidest shit to hate people for.
    Really, don't you have better things to wa-
    Oh wait, no you don't or else you wouldn't be here making this thread.
    I am very sorry.
  13. #323612012-07-07 20:53:01 *Mau said:

    To be fair, I come here to this site to waste my time, so me responding this way is to be expected and yes quite the hot topic indeed.

  14. #323642012-07-07 21:42:57Noodle said:

    @Maudia I'm not going to respond to any posts or anything. I just want to say you have a lovely gravatar 8D You should use the one when he's soaked later~

  15. #323672012-07-07 22:51:45TokoyamiSenshi said:

    People are edgy like that. They're like 3yo computers; if you don't speak their protocol, they will refuse to understand you. That's why we have wars'n shit yo. You should learn to be more open-source.