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Hatred time! Today's target- FANGIRLS

  1. #323682012-07-07 22:57:56Lumiex said:

    INDEED THIS IS WHY WE CANNOT HAVE NICE THINGS. GET BACK TO THE TOPIC. NOW. MEANWHILE. I've avoided a party hosted by the anime club on my campus. Will not tolerate weeabos today.

  2. #323732012-07-08 00:52:49 *someone said:

    Story time!

    I once had a short period of time in my life near the end of grade 9 where I went out with someone who turned out to be fangirl. At first, I didn't really care, since she still looked pretty good regardless, and we know what girls on here think of yaoi in general, so I let it slide. I also found she ran the Anime club in my school (Note: I was completely unaware of this fact at the time, let alone know the existence of said club back in grade 9), and that still didn't really bother me, because whatever.

    I think she got bored of me shortly, probably because I didn't quite catch the hint of what the hell was going on (I was a very carefree person at the time, never thought of going out with people). Once I did, I realized that bitch be crazy for many reasons, like having gone out with... 9 people before me? I dunno. Turned out I was lucky though, because my best friend became next in line, and got wonderful things said to him such as "can I shave your armpit?" and "read my Linkin Park fanfic!" ( I am fucking serious here).

  3. #323752012-07-08 01:13:57InsaneBoredGame said:

    IBG is a fangirl. A comic book fangirl. Silver Age stories make me go weak in the knees. Bring up Claremont, and I'll be praising him till the end of time. What's wrong with that?

    To me, and fangirling on becomes questionable once you lose your touch with reality and become so immersed in a medium that you believe you live in it.

    In other news, this is now a Spiderman thread. Post pics.

  4. #323832012-07-08 03:14:28Chestnut_Rice said:

    Some body get @senkono up in this shit. Or better yet, @Momimochi.

    Alright, personally I'm neutral. A good portion are annoying and weeaboos should be lined up and shot, but even the ones who are terrible; they have the right to be terrible. We also have the right to hate them for it. But basing one's opinion of some body simply on the fact that they say "kawaii" and like Linkin Park fanfiction is unfair, and we all should realize that they could also hate us for the same reasons but reversed. So I try to be open, but when some body shows me that they're hooked on one way of thinking, like many fangirls are, that's the straw that breaks the camel's back.

    Thus, I went with "They're not that bad."

    By the way @someone, I feel for you. Peace, man.

  5. #323912012-07-08 06:22:33 *Fieyr said:

    @pontakun I completely agree with your sentiments. If someone is enthusiastic about something... whether others consider their behavior obnoxious or not is a completely subjective opinion and should bear no weight in the mind of the enthused.

    In other words, do whatever the hell you want and don't give a damn what anyone else thinks. Spend your life doing what you love and pity those who waste their lives bring critical of you.

  6. #324052012-07-08 13:46:49sully said:

    The rules of life, you either like it or not. i don't see why one should make a big deal out of it. :S ?

  7. #324362012-07-08 19:56:58T-man said:

    But I have been messed with buy stupid people alot in public so.... @DarkChaplain verily I see your piont but I drag all my crap out in public alot just for the fun ... so whats the point without people

    but I got to say hate the plastic-fantastic cutesy-cutesy fangirls around the streets at night

  8. #331942012-07-13 18:40:13AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I have no problem with them. I'm the kind of person who likes to let people do what they will as long as it doesn't always involve me directly. With that being the way I am, I find it hard to hate a person just because they flaunt what they love in an annoying, and sometimes overly dramatic, enthusiastic way. We each have our own lives to live so let's live them according to how we want to. If you don't like it, then don't like it, but don't just hate them because of your dislikes.

  9. #334502012-07-16 04:34:06Momimochi said:

    I... This... Why the hell was I mentioned here and why am I here.

    But on topic: As long as they don't squeal like "OMGKAWAIIYAOINEKODESU" I'm all good. And I have friends who are fangirls of Naruto so yeah. Hardcore fangirls (and weeaboos). Like the ones where, at the slightest, even relevant topic about it, you can just see their eyes literally begin to shine, and they sit up just that much more straighter. When that happens, you fucking evacuate that place.