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Canadian Colo(u)rless

  1. #645672013-10-14 12:38:08 *n1xx said:

    Happy Thanksgiving, fellow Canadian Colourless!

    What will you do during this holiday?

    In my case, I'll be receiving a big part of the family over, and also attempt at making pumpkin pie for the first time!

  2. #680232014-01-06 04:39:56Kittycat said:

    Canadian Problems: Run out of milk half way through poring milk into the cereal bowl. Checks the fridge... no more milk bags. Forced to eat the cereal while having not as much milk as wanted :S

  3. #727252014-04-06 19:57:43 *n1xx said:

    Tomorrow is the official day for Quebec elections! As the polls say, we might be heading towards a majority Liberal government this time.

    I'm not a separatist, so PQ(Parti Québécois) and QS(Québec Solidaire) are obviously out of the question for me(even though I have a lot of respect for QS's leader, Françoise David). And economy-wise, I'll have to admit that both CAQ(Coallition Avenir Québec) and PLQ(Parti Libéral du Québec) are tempting. But I seem to agree more with the Liberals' less extreme version of the charter of values, since many of the immigrants here have already gotten used to a life without such regulations.

    In any case, I'll probably be staying up late until they announce Quebec's new prime minister tomorrow.

  4. #727282014-04-06 21:42:57 *n1xx said:

    @Kittycat: I admit not mentioning it much lately, so that may be why! Despite how much Quebec likes to disown Canada, I love this country and consider myself Canadian. <3