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  1. Tulpa (Imaginary friends on a whole new level)

    #325952012-07-09 22:39:26 *Noodle said:

    You know how they say that if you concentrate enough on something it will come true?

    Tulpas are kind of like that. With enough time and concentration, you are supposed to be able to create a being, only bound by the limits of your imagination. It would be visible to you and act independently (within the bounds of your subconcious I would assume). But the time and effort needed to succeed is tremendous, aka something you say so that when people don't succeed, they can't say it's fake.

    Personally I'm half sceptic, half excited. Even if it would work (since you are able to hallucinate) I don't think it would be very healthy. Imagine, though, having your own imaginary mythological creature companion. Wouldn't that be fucking awesome?

    Here's a guide on how to create one:

    Also, here's a creepy pasta:

    I will not take responsibility for any loss of sanity or accidents. I am just simply informing you of this very interesting phenomenon

    If you were to create your own Tulpa, what would it look/be like? Would it be a dragon? A loli? A voice without a body, telling you to kill everybody?

  2. #326372012-07-10 01:20:41VivoDePyre said:

    I mean, a lot of cultures/religions have a similar idea. There is this idea that you can manipulate spiritual energy to have 'constructs'. However, Tulpa takes it to an extreme. Make a construct that maintains it's own consciousness. It would be incredibly hard to do, from what I know of the topic. Of course I've never made any kind of construct myself, I did take an interest to energy/spiritualism across the globe. From what I know from books and what not, just making an independant construct is incredibly difficult.

    Possible, maybe. Likely, no.

  3. #326682012-07-10 05:00:49Fieyr said:


    I realized I never responded to the question. I can't really vote in the poll because... while I believe that, "it would work if you gave it enough time and effort", I feel my definition of 'work' is different from what the poll is referring to.

    I think if you believe anything hard enough, or want it badly enough, that at a certain point, the mind will sacrifice it's grip on your present reality in order to make your delusion your 'new' reality in order to be at peace.

    If anyone remembers the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks, you'll recall that he longed for companionship so badly while surviving by himself on the island, that he created a companion, physically manifested as a volleyball which he named Wilson.

    In other words, I equate this Tulpa with an imaginary volleyball friend. And like I said before... A faith based, self induced, psychosis.

    That said, it's possible that the way each of us experience 'reality' varies widely. Normal is subjective. Your white, may be my black. You might see giant winged unicorns flying in the sky, but never felt the need to mention it to anyone since you consider it commonplace.

    In other words, what I consider a psychosis could be completely normal for you. So hey, have fun with your winged unicorns, tulpas, etc.

  4. #326932012-07-10 12:29:22Noodle said:

    @Fieyr If you would add an answer to the poll, what would it be? I wouldn't want the poll to cover every opinion, though. Then people woudn't post interesting stuff like this :3

  5. #326912012-07-10 11:56:54T-man said:

    Hang on people I can do this .

    I have done this and its not a walk in the park >.< I have had the same people in my head since I was eight or maybe five there are many people in my world "head" and they manifest themseleves at their own will but I can drawl them out to and enter my mind to their world and thats not always fun and sometimes they have taken me over ...fuck listen mine have become so powerful that they have. and can usally during sleep or when my emotions are unstable
    geeze I got at least twenty of them and they all have names and bodys and personalitits and fuck being able to just see them I can touch mine as well and they can touch me I meen Ive slept with some of them some of them have punched me or kicked me or worse and I always have physical reactions like bruses or maybe a black eye but I do love them

  6. #327672012-07-10 23:49:44megumi-tan said:

    i want to do this but making it to where my mind forces me to see a hallucination and interact with it? it just can't go right...

  7. #331232012-07-13 04:35:24AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    I think it's possible, but not for me. I don't think I can make it to that point. I don't tend to concentrate on anything for more than a month at a time, so having a Tulpa at any point is out of my league. I would love to try it anyway though but I know I will fail at it.

    @T-man I think it's cool that you can interact with them, but isn't that unhealthy? Don't you strain yourself with that many 'people' in your head all the time?

  8. #331382012-07-13 06:50:52Chestnut_Rice said:

    Well if people can delude themselves in to thinking that they're fictional characters or animals or a combination of such trapped in a human body, I don't see why not. I wouldn't personally try it though. Seems like a lot of effort and really mentally unhealthy.

  9. #331522012-07-13 11:53:36 *T-man said:

    @AlphaHikari_1A14 not at all it more like a house they all have their own rooms and like I said I dont controll them they just are there allways talking to me and I dont mind most of them they all are very important and super helpful

    .< then again I was taken to a shrink after one night on vaca a few years ago I woke up and started tearing out my own teeth but aparently I was laughing like a lunatic before and after the yanking I lost four damn teeth thats the worst thing that has happen when one of them has taken controll I was only vaugely aware of it all. U C they all are diffrent and powerful to me these certain ones that Im talking bout are the ones who rule over and help me regulate my emotions the one that goes on the warpath I just call Anger