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  1. Dungeons Of Dredmor

    #326402012-07-10 01:47:10 *VivoDePyre said:

    Dungeons of Dredmor


    Welcome to Dungeons of Dredmor, a rougelike game created by Gaslamp. What's a roguelike, I hear you cry. Well, It's something like this. Fortunately, defining itself among the genre, this game has a full graphical interface, unique skills, and wonderful humor. Best of all, it's hard as hell (there is a reason I choose the image above).

    But let's get on with it. If it's low indie price and a personal recommendation from me won't sell you, nothing will. Even if it goes down to about 2.50 when steam sale hits. Or if it has a ton of replay value and the creators are pushing out expansions at a fair pace, to keep it fresh. Okay, I'll stop.

    The reason I'm making this thread is because, quite frankly, it really is hard. Any person playing has probably visited the wiki and found a lot of disappointment. Heck, it hasn't even updated from the expansion. So, instead of fumbling around in the wiki, I figured we could come together and assemble some knowledge, share builds, tips, strategies, etc. There are resources online for this sort of thing, but I want to see what CL has to offer.

    Dungeon Dwellers: @VivoDePyre, @DarkChaplain,

  2. #326412012-07-10 01:47:24 *VivoDePyre said:

    Beginner Tips

    1. Go through the tutorial! It's rather valuable. Some controls aren't obvious from the start, such as crossbow usage.
    2. When you start a game, open your options menu. You'll see three selections that say "Switch Click mode", "Move as combat/use", and "Use Autoloot". While the first is a preference matter, the other two are very valuable. Having to click a monster to attack each is time is far less efficient than mashing a direction on your keyboard.
    3. Don't be afraid to pick and easy difficulty and small dungeon to test out a few skills together. You can find harmony in strange places.
    4. Don't pick the same skill set each time, change it up a little. It will make the game much more fun.
    5. Permanant death is intimidating, but it's the way of the Roguelike. Don't fret if you can't make it past level 3 very easily, it takes time to get comfortable/good.
    6. Don't hoard items you don't need. It's best to start without a creation based skillset. Take some time and learn what you need and what you don't need. If you happen to run into a Horadic Lutefisk Cube, you can turn useless cheap foods into valueable lutefisk.
    7. Who is this Lutefisk God? Well, give him a ton of lutefisk and in return, you'll get a valuable artifact.
    8. Running low on space? Grind down your meats and cheese into hamburger and grated cheese. It will save you a lot of space AND gives you more lutefisk from the cube.
    9. Take skills from only 1-2 classes (Warrior, rogue, mage). If you have stuff from all three, you'll find yourself mediocre at everything.
  3. #335832012-07-17 09:30:08 *Kayoma said:

    i tried to start game like "i will be swordman" or something like that, but in the end i was super-uber-mega-swordman-archer-alchemist-mage-crafter.