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Parent: Dungeons Of Dredmor

  1. #326412012-07-10 01:47:24 *VivoDePyre said:

    Beginner Tips

    1. Go through the tutorial! It's rather valuable. Some controls aren't obvious from the start, such as crossbow usage.
    2. When you start a game, open your options menu. You'll see three selections that say "Switch Click mode", "Move as combat/use", and "Use Autoloot". While the first is a preference matter, the other two are very valuable. Having to click a monster to attack each is time is far less efficient than mashing a direction on your keyboard.
    3. Don't be afraid to pick and easy difficulty and small dungeon to test out a few skills together. You can find harmony in strange places.
    4. Don't pick the same skill set each time, change it up a little. It will make the game much more fun.
    5. Permanant death is intimidating, but it's the way of the Roguelike. Don't fret if you can't make it past level 3 very easily, it takes time to get comfortable/good.
    6. Don't hoard items you don't need. It's best to start without a creation based skillset. Take some time and learn what you need and what you don't need. If you happen to run into a Horadic Lutefisk Cube, you can turn useless cheap foods into valueable lutefisk.
    7. Who is this Lutefisk God? Well, give him a ton of lutefisk and in return, you'll get a valuable artifact.
    8. Running low on space? Grind down your meats and cheese into hamburger and grated cheese. It will save you a lot of space AND gives you more lutefisk from the cube.
    9. Take skills from only 1-2 classes (Warrior, rogue, mage). If you have stuff from all three, you'll find yourself mediocre at everything.