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POs inthis theresd when your durnk OK

  1. #1053822016-07-24 07:05:48123-456-7890 said:

    bruh im drunk af..i can even righ now , had over 36 oncs of beer and a few shots, shite q few. well i had fun talking about industry stuff with my roommates, right nowi cnt even type properly he;ponfvw[sfxl lol

  2. #1054062016-07-25 03:17:13Kinnear said:

    Hey guys, I'm drunk for the first time since like 2011 right now. I've been tasting alcoholic beverages on occasion since I was legal like 6 years ago, but never actualkly found oine I liked. I never once considered trying sometyhing as simple and popular as rum and coke (Though technically I'm mixing it with Pepsi right now). It'd actually rerally good. Before this the only drinks I've kinda ,iked were Palm Bay and Smirnoff Ice, because you can';t taste much alcohol in them, but you can taste the alcohol even less in rum and coker, it's great! I could get into drinking this more often. The only thing that's prevented me from getting into drinking in the past is the taste. And the cost, but this isn';t actually costing me anything right now, becvause I'm drinking the Captasin MJorgan that's been in my parents' liquor cupboard for like 5 years. I thinkn it was a christmas gift from some rtelative or something I don't really know, but that don't want it so they don't mind me trying it. It'll probably be gone in a week or two to be honest, now that I know that I actually enjoy the taste of an alcoholic beverage.

    Oh, and @EvoRulz asked me to tag him in this post. Dunno why, since it probably won't be as amusing as most of these. I do ramble a lot when I type while drunk though, so maybe its humor will surprise me once I'm sober. I dunno.

    But I'm gonna end this post here. If you LIKED it, PUNCH that like button IN the face, LIKE A BOSS! And, (High fives all around) PSH, PSH. But THANK you guys and I will SEE ALL YOU DUDES...


  3. #1054182016-07-25 13:36:55Xyopq said:

    Ah I miss this thread. Drunk and on colourless because I used my best and only Dutch chat up line on this Dutch girl and it didn't work so now I am sad. Je hebt mooie ogen

  4. #1055562016-07-29 11:42:04supergal_gene said:

    Obviously Im drunkkkk buuuttt haaappyyy weeeeeeee Nah just really sleepy and all. I actually droppen the tablet thrice but still okaaayy..

  5. #1060912016-08-13 03:02:31masculyn said:

    It's me again. I type pretty good because of the autocorrect that's on my iPad but I think I misspelled everything here are least once.

  6. #1068962016-09-11 14:06:44supergal_gene said:

    IDK LIKE MAYBE I SHOULDNT BE HERE POSTING THIS BUT IDK k. So I'm still sober and need more alcohol in my system to spike my blood alcohol concentration to 0.4% just to stay sober but why am I just feeling these things now. k. thank you for ruining my life snapchat. jk <3 btw chocolate and Alcohol is great for someone who is sad af

  7. #1087652017-01-13 12:11:48Deftones said:

    Holla, feeling good. Had a lady at work screech in my ear about the most stupid shit. Hope she gets hit by a train, love life.