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  1. Couple Adviser

    #327412012-07-10 20:34:37 *lolabunny23 said:

    Hello I am the Couple Adviser I have had many awesome out turns I am now up to about 30 couples Which is 60 people So ask me any thing

  2. #327442012-07-10 20:51:41 *Mau said:

    LOLA~ I missed you so much! How'd that computer scenario turn out? I must know. Personally, if I were to get love advice, I'd sooner ask a cactus. Believe it or not, cacti are very informative on love!

    Good luck with that advice, I hope it doesn't turn out like the computer scenario, where relationships wind up crashing and burning.

  3. #327472012-07-10 21:43:39Paratoxical said:

    well, try to advise me on this

    we're not one of those usual couples you can find everywhere.
    he and i are special. very special.
    but he's been unapproachable for some time now and he won't open up to me (and when he does he's so cold to me, it almost hurts).
    and he seems to be so empty inside it really makes me sad, but he won't talk to me about it either.

    did i mention he's a fridge?

    apparently i'm a sick, sick person

    what should i do ;_;

  4. #416952012-11-01 13:00:23lolabunny23 said:

    on your case I don't think you should worry you should let some of the past go You ahve to move on.Just like with me and my boyfriend I had to move on from the past.Just like you have to.@Ecstasy