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  1. Warwick: The Blood Hunter

    #328022012-07-11 01:23:52 *Lycan said:

    Basically a thread for discussing this specific League of Legends champion and related things. Different builds, different play-styles, lore, fan-made things... anything goes.

  2. #328032012-07-11 01:24:23 *Lycan said:

    The lore copied from the LoL site:

    Warwick counted himself amongst the most powerful and revered men in his home city-state of Zaun. Over the course of his infamous career as an alchemist, Warwick won many honors for his craft, not the least of which was a lucrative offer for service in the Noxian military during their campaigns against Ionia. Sequestered in his labs far from the front lines, Warwick and his apprentice Singed toiled relentlessly to manufacture all manner of appalling concoctions for the Noxian army. So potent was his art that even the greatest of Ionia's healers - under the leadership of the Starchild Soraka - struggled to combat the poisons and chemical weapons generated by his despicable mind. Warwick's reign of terror grew so horrific that his very name became a curse in the eyes of his Ionian foes, and they began referring to him only as ''the Deathmaker.''

    But even one under the protection of the Noxian High Command is not wholly beyond the reach of retribution. For as Soraka strode across the myriad of death and destruction left in the wake of one of Warwick's chemical attacks, her heart finally gave way. She called down the wrath of the cosmos on Warwick, wishing that his form should mirror the cruelty in his heart - a curse that would come at the price of her aspiring divinity. Within his laboratory, a terrible thirst took hold over Warwick. As his apprentice looked on in horror, Warwick threw open the doors to his bastion and sprinted off toward parts unknown, a bloodcurdling howling marking his passage. He had become a werewolf; a wild, murderous beast. Today, the Blood Hunter fights for Noxus within the League of Legends... thankful of the curse that his now-mortal enemy bestowed upon him.

  3. #328052012-07-11 01:46:17Lycan said:

    The recommended items here are all complete bullshit in my eyes. OK Maybe not Madred's Bloodrzors, but it really depends on each game.

    Here are some (in my opinion) better items to build: Yes, Bilgewater builds into the Hextech Gunblade. I know. And the boots depend on each game but I usually go with Ionian to get some more cooldown reduction.

  4. #328072012-07-11 01:48:40Lycan said:

    Bilgewater Cutlass and Bloodthirster is what I go for in every game. Lots of lifesteal and a slow makes ganking relatively easy.

  5. #328802012-07-11 12:14:29RenPikaaa said:

    Depends if you're playing magewick or not. But magewick is basically only played in lane. He's been played less recently, dont know why. All those people who thought he was viable died out i guess. But other than that, i would go tankwick.

    Rush madreds bloodrazors, focus on getting randuins, Get merc treads or ninja tabi depending on team, Guardian angel, frozen mallet maybe, FON or Warmogs and Atmas if you decide to build warmogs.

    If you're jungling, then go standard jungle masteries/Runes. or you can add more in the defensive than the offense, or distribute them how you like. As long as you get the buff mastery, smite mastery and armour/MR masteries.

    That's basically how i see him played in my match ups. He's pretty relentless as well ... Especially with his Randuins/Guardian Angel. You would be able to bruise the crap out of people, cause that's what you would wanna do. Last long and bruise for your team.

  6. #329122012-07-11 15:15:41Lycan said:

    Junglewick pretty much doesn't need the buff mastery (it only adds 30 seconds, from 2:30 minutes up to 3 minutes, anyway). I think it's better to go somewhat AD/AP hybrid-ish or put more points in the defense tree since one is already there for the smite. Sure it's nice to have buffs a little longer but... I don't know, I think the rest of the utility masteries aren't worth the points.

    Rushing madred's is what I used to do but it's so expensive... Recently I've replaced it with Stinger --> Nashor's Tooth and I've fallen more and more in love with Bilgewater Cutlass --> Hextech Gunblade. I get Madred's Razor when jungling, thinking I might build Bloodrazors later in the game but that rarely happens because I focus on other items, lol

    I think I will try magewick more often.

  7. #329152012-07-11 15:27:26 *Trev said:

    hey let's go look in these bushes over here

    DEMACIA!!!!!!! well looks like that was a poor decision

  8. #329452012-07-11 16:28:33RenPikaaa said:

    Dude ... that's so cool O_O I like that picture ... Very useful .. HAHAHA ! My mouse got ganked :/ But yeah, like i said, Magewick is used for laning, If you're playing with friends, you can replace your support with him. But he would only be supporting himself with the heals :L The reason why people rush bloodrazors is because they're tanking as well. It's really useful IMO

  9. #329742012-07-11 19:46:15Kayoma said:

    tankwick is super awesome initiator. :3 one second and he on the focking enemy ad carry! :D BTW he have good sustain. but i preferring akali tank in that manner. @Trev spin to win!

  10. #330672012-07-12 14:52:16 *Yotsuba said:

    Yeah i personally think a tankwick build is much more teamfight efficient, His Q does damage based on health percentage anyway, therefore it will always deal a chunk out of enemies, Besides that it really depends on how long you can survive.

    I personally use this guide for jungling:

    TheOddOne really is good at jungling, with most champions, as for lanewick, i like to start with a doran's ring, and see where it goes from there, since he is a pretty mana hungry champ, Chalice of harmony if you're up against an AP.