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  1. Google+

    #32952012-01-02 10:46:18 *gyl said:

    Alt text Google's social network has been hanging around the web for a while. But until now, the number of active users are little compared to Facebook. Some people say that they have no intention of using this new social networking site until this past few months, when viruses and annoying spams that have appeared in bigger quantities. What do you think about Google Plus? Is it good? If it is, are you one of those people thinking that this new year is one of a great time to change?

  2. #33012012-01-02 11:30:43Kronifer said:

    it's like a mixture between Twitter's follow system and fb's thread commenting system.

    I got quite a lot of fun discussions on Google+ with people that I don't even know and probably won't even talk to in the future. It's a big community for sure if you know who to add to your circle

  3. #33212012-01-02 13:35:17momo said:

    I'm loving it, myself. I mostly talk to Twitter bros, though the circles definitely help me share with certain groups with which I feel it matters.

    I have some IRL friends on there, which whom I'd never share my aniblogger links. Circles provide a great level of control for suchthings.

  4. #88932012-01-26 22:21:36TalTal said:

    I really don't know what I'm doing or who to add...anyone want to add me? I don't know why I'm doing this, it's stupid.

  5. #102402012-02-02 15:32:40Ecstasy said:

    @Low I understood it all through google's notifications, the article just repeats one and the same thought in every single paragraph~ but maybe it's just me.

  6. #102482012-02-02 16:45:02Low said:

    Ох, Экстази, конечно же там всё очевидно. Но блиц-опрос ближайшего круга показал мне, что 90% клали на эти объявления с их изменениями, а из оставшихся 5% в упор не видят разницу между "до" и "после". Зато у заголовка "Прикинте, на самом деле..." намного больше шансов быть прочитанным. Как недовольный такой политикой гугла я за то, чтобы информацию получило максимальное количество людей.

  7. #102522012-02-02 17:45:36Ecstasy said:

    @Low well, it's not your problem that people don't read stuff which they should know. I find trying to educate people who don't really care useless. Why do you think the new politics is wrong? Maybe I still miss something.