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Parent: God, the Origins of Life, and the Universe

  1. #331352012-07-13 06:23:05Chestnut_Rice said:

    Addendum to first post: Topic title isn't serious, by the way.

    Also to clarify in some points that I realized were lacking while I was showering: the theory of evolution is also supported by a smorsgabord (some thing like that) of observational evidence from the Galapagos and other places and genetic findings from labs. It's pretty much as undebatable as "France is European" now apart from some fine points that shouldn't really affect general debate and are probably out of most of our understanding, unless you've taken a college-level course on it or some thing.

    When I said "every reaction needs a catalyst", I didn't mean it literally. Spontaneous reactions don't need extra energy or catalysts to occur, but matter still has to be in contact and reaction begins once that happens. So what exactly created all that energy and put it in a super-dense state? You can't create some thing out of no thing and effects have a cause. Some body put all that energy there. If it was there for a while, why didn't it Bang earlier? Why did it Bang when it did? What was different before? What changed and caused the supposedly stable ball of energy to explode?

    Also if any body answers with some thing similar to "Madoka/Haruhi is my god, hurrrrr" I will legit flip my shit.