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Parent: God, the Origins of Life, and the Universe

  1. #331572012-07-13 13:05:23Hikarigaiden said:

    I'm really too pragmatic for this. To me the important thing is what your beliefs make you do. Will you or will you not, when standing outside a burning house where you know your friend is inside, start praying, or will you act? (btw imagine how ridiculous this would be if you weren't familiar with the concept of praying) Also some points:

    Bringing up evolution for debate is really like arguing about what causes gravity. Two equally observable phenomenons in the universe (apples seem to fall down towards earth, and animals seem to evolve and change their appearance), and for some reason one is questioned much more than the other. (I guess I can guess the reason)

    I could claim dragons existed. I could even write a book about it, and I could write in the book that what was written in the book was true. (I could also pretend I did this 2000 years ago)

    "I follow some of the advice/wisdom of religious texts, but I don't actively practice a religion." I think this is the biggest debate going on between religion and non-believers right now, what came first, goodness or religion?

    It's really about questions, and what you accept as an answer. Why does it rain? Why is my iphone so slow? Why did the building blocks necessary for life just happen to be on earth? I don't think we would have gotten past question one if we'd clung to answering BigThing.