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Parent: God, the Origins of Life, and the Universe

  1. #331812012-07-13 16:13:34Chestnut_Rice said:

    Liked the old thread title better, LMBO.

    About the gas giant to rocky planet ratio, I think it's around 1000 extra solar planets in total to 100 or so rocky planets, last time I checked. Which is probably a long time ago, so I don't remember where I read it, but I'm almost certain that at the very least we've found more gas giants than rocky planets, if not that there are more gaseous planets than rock-based ones.

    And I just realized that I've basically filled in the holes of science with BigThing. It feels stupid and hypocritical because others in less learned times have also done what I have, and they come off as ignorant when really, they just didn't have enough info to really know whether or not God really had a part to play in the mortal world.

    So I'm fairly certain that a Supreme Being does in fact exist but also that He has no plans for us after death and that we're wasting our breath if we're praying to Him. And like Trev said, it's probably a waste of brain power to even try and comprehend the scope and power of such a being.

    Maybe our own brains are preventing us from understanding the final mysteries of the universe in an attempt to protect ourselves from lack of motivation (like in the Hitchiker's Guide!): if we know for sure the final purpose of our lives, what point is there in continuing to live? So to avoid this sad fate I think I'll be content to read other's opinions for a while before posting again.