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Parent: God, the Origins of Life, and the Universe

  1. #334852012-07-16 12:42:45Hikarigaiden said:

    @lamperogee I would not agree that all metaphysical claims one could make (the teleporting turtle of Sevilla, the levitating elephant circling around himalaya or the invisible kangaroo at... eh nobody knows really, just to make up a few) narrow down to those two versions of the christian gods!

    Things are not scientific or not, you approach things scientifically or not. I mean maybe it is true that some guy somewhere in Uganda can talk to the dead ancestors of everyone in his village, something that would probably be considered pretty spiritual. We could investigate this, try to replicate his technique etc. We could have a scientific approach. But most of the time it seems like the mystery is part of the point in some way, as if actually understanding a phenomenon or part of it would ruin it. (and sometimes, of course, people don't want others to take a scientific approach to their claims because it would be too obvious they weren't true)