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  1. MapleStory and other mmorpg's

    #336132012-07-17 17:57:01 *crazymexican said:

    i have always loved a good rpg and the idea of playing some them with friends online blew my mind as a child. but now but now i find myself rolling thru crap mmorpg's like nothing. many of them are earthier to easy to level up or have ridicules leveling curves. i've always been a fan of a good old button smashing rpgs and maple story offers something little the games of my childhood. i love the side scrolling game play, large variation in job classes, not to mention the SD avatars' and gient map. so tell me what mmorpg are you playing? and which do u recommend?

  2. #336142012-07-17 17:58:31momo said:

    I haven't played MapleStory in AGES, after having a small binge in it five or six years ago. They can be great if you are bored, but do not have anything to really drive you to go there. You character will always be there, there is always time to level up, and the specials were aplenty. If you have anything better to do, they are lackluster.

  3. #336192012-07-17 18:17:05momo said:


    My only complaints were the fact that one cannot become super engrossed in it unless they have all the free time in the world. If you have any sort of hobby or work, this automatically hits the backburner thanks to it being a bit "meh". It's a product of the F2P Timesink model, getting users to invest a lot of time into it so that they see microtransactions as "giving back to the devs" and "well I already spend a lot of time on here, $5 isn't a whoel lot of money when put into perspective of how much time i may use it"

  4. #336962012-07-18 14:33:27judar said:

    I remember MMVs that I spent literal hours on. Actual obsession with BannedStory too. My weeaboo days manggg