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  1. Post a picture of your DOOR/WALL/INSPIRATION BOARD THINGY

    #339272012-07-21 19:44:17bleachedsnow said:

    I don't know about you guys and gals, but I normally like to put posters of stuff I like on my bedroom walls and door. So here's my bedroom door at the moment.


    And yes, that is totally a signed LK Yugioh Abridged poster.

    So... post a picture if you have one ^^

  2. #340382012-07-24 00:22:52judar said:

    @bleachedsnow I see two Yuumei posters ohohoho ? She's a brilliant artist and I love her ♥ Though unfortunately, my mum won't let me do this to my door ;A; All I have is a Loki poster on my wardrobe door which I love very much ♥♥♥ Ehehe

  3. #340412012-07-24 02:03:50bleachedsnow said:

    @Usagii Actually, there are 3 Yuumei posters XDD And take a picture of that Loki poster!

    You're not allowed to...? Wow, I didn't know it wasn't allowed for so many people (sort of). Do you all live in apartments or something?