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  1. I challenge you!

    #342852012-07-28 10:25:56 *Johtoh said:

    So my moto is patience is a virtue, with that said. I have alot of virtue. Due to that it has made me to take time doing things and to actually enjoy them. I feel that my older brother does things too fast without taking time and he feels like i am too slow. The challenge i want to present to you is simple. Do your daily routine in life but do it slower than normal. Take your time and enjoy what your doing or what is around you. And after the day is done, report your results.

    Sadly there is no reward presented in here...


    A HUG!

    Now the experience can be good or bad. But it depends of what you make of it

  2. #342982012-07-28 15:26:55n1xx said:

    I have a tendency of proceeding this way, especially during studying, research, sports and chores.

    While proceeding too quickly can be associated, at times, to being reckless, experience and repetition can also help you proceed more quickly, without it necessarily being without enjoyment or productivity.

    Concerning the challenge though, I can confirm that I do this practically everyday! ;D

  3. #343022012-07-28 15:53:47T-man said:

    sometimes its just best to move like a blurr though I like living fast then relax afterward thats just me though

    give it a shot though

  4. #343062012-07-28 16:56:16eterno said:

    Hmm... my daily routine for the summer has been: sleep, eat, sleep again, play with comp, sleep

    Oh and I also got on the treadmill for an hour or so... Should I go slower on that?

  5. #343212012-07-28 22:10:14 *Fieyr said:

    I'm not quite sure if this counts... but...

    The button to open my garage door is quite large.

    In the morning, when I leave for work... I make a point to whack it dramatically with my fist as if I'm launching a rocket. And even better that the garage door is kind of ridiculously loud as it's opening, and therefore it provides the perfect sound effect to go along with my imaginary rocket launch. Yes I'm just a little crazy... what can I say? I like to spice things up with imaginary rocket launches. If that's wrong, I don't wanna be right.

    This is probably not so good for the button. But hey, I start every day with an imaginary rocket launch. That's a pretty good trade-off if you ask me.

    I'll look for some other things to do though... and maybe try to slow down a little in the process :P

  6. #343462012-07-29 07:51:28shafnat said:

    daily routine : fast things : eat, study, shower. slow things : online, chatting, playing games, drawing. nyehehehehe~

  7. #343532012-07-29 11:46:48Ethereal said:

    I TOOK THIS CHALLENGE! I found out I drive much better like this, even if it was my first time getting pulled over! Didn't get a ticket at least :'D

  8. #343652012-07-29 17:23:09momo said:

    I work in a kitchen, people don't like it when I go slowly. Even when we are closed and I am cleaning up, my manager wants to go the bar so I'm not allowed to slow things down.


  9. #346512012-08-02 21:34:03OriharaMairu said:

    I like the idea of this, basically.. I can't always do everything slower (like my job) but the message is also to enjoy the things you're doing and noticing things that you wouldn't if you rush your life, I guess?? ^^

  10. #346612012-08-02 23:13:34loploplopl said:

    I got out of bed slowly. I took my shower, slowly. I ate my cereal, slowly (it got soggy and tasted bad.) I took my dog for a walk and got honked at every time I crossed the street. Then I sat down on the couch and played battlefield slowly (I died a lot.) I took a crap slowly. I built 3 lego sets slowly. and then I fell asleep slowly.

    I didn't have a very good time taking everything slow. I tried to enjoy it but slow was boring. Fast is the new patience.

  11. #349122012-08-05 22:31:40AlphaHikari_1A14 said:

    Challenge was accepted. Sadly, I failed. I won't say how I failed it because it's too embarrassing, but just know that the fast paced way of doing things is for me.