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  1. Unique ideas for a new game?

    #344262012-07-30 20:57:29 *InstantRamen said:

    So, for those of you that don't know me(probably most of you), I dabble in game development. I've been thinking recently about some ideas for simple, yet unique games. Too many times, I see the same things in online games... I want something different. Do any of you have ideas? They should be creative. The more strange, the better! Your idea could become reality... well, maybe virtual reality? :D Anyway~ what are your ideas? ^.^

  2. #344292012-07-30 22:06:27Xyopq said:

    A survival horror where your only weapon is pizza? when you run out you have to call up pizza delivery with an address then wait and survive

  3. #344332012-07-31 00:16:34TokoyamiSenshi said:

    A survival horror where you have to earn money! If you run out of money, you walk a slow and horrible road to starvation, while everyone else eats more than it seems humanly possible. Not to mention that nobody gives a fuck about you when you're broke.

    But the most horrifying part of the game is work; you have to work long hours, doing something even a monkey could do with two or three days of training, fighting for bare survival. You could play co-op with your family! Oh wai...

    Nvm, I think God already has copyright on this one.

    If you're a game developer, develop games man, don't ask for ideas.

  4. #344362012-07-31 01:38:46InstantRamen said:

    @TokoyamiSenshi I simply create the sprites and program the games. My ideas usually only come when I'm not around anything to write it down with... so by the time I get back home, I always forget -.- Plus I wanted to see what some people would say :D Hopefully I will get some ideas soon! I am looking for unique... Something odd that usually wouldn't be in a video game... Maybe even something completely disturbing! :D

  5. #344532012-07-31 06:02:24Ethereal said:

    You mentioned online games, so I will throw a random idea that just popped into my mind while reading this xD I have yet to see an online game where you go back and fourth between two worlds. Like, say how in Persona 3 you have your base world with social stats, and then there's Tartarus where you enter a sort of surreal world with monsters, and who knows what else. So the idea might not be original overall, but as an online game, I think it may be.

    Maybe say, a dark and light world that affect one another. You can choose to start in either one, maybe each has a different race or something of the sort, but they directly influence each other in some way or another. Maybe if a boss were to die in the light world, a new one will spawn in the dark world after that. Or if a castle or piece of land has been taken in the dark world, then the light world changes in one way or another as well.

  6. #344662012-07-31 13:05:51shafnat said:

    how if you make an adventure RPG game? of course with its background story. i'm working on manga from my own imagination about changing world from earth into a fantasy world which contains some castle, elf races, giant monster, and anything related.. most of people here knows this, My manga Leavin the Future isn;t only a manga now, my friend works on the novel too. and how if there is a game of it? this is only my idea.. :) just message me if you want to contact me.

  7. #345482012-08-01 14:49:11InstantRamen said:

    @shafnat I am currently working on a large project now, and was simply looking for a smaller one to pass time at the moment. When I finish my larger project, I would be happy to help you. @Ethereal Thank you for the great idea, I will definitely implement that in my current ORPG project. Your username will also be added to the credits. If and when I finish, you will also get a free copy! ^.^ Of course, I don't even know if i'm going to charge anyone for it. It uses a 2D JRPG art style.

  8. #346092012-08-02 04:26:04kolulu100 said:

    This was a dream I had a year ago :P It's about this guy that keeps seeing this girl with a bucket. He tries to find her but she disappears leaving the bucket. The bucket always have a part of a body in it like a head, hand, foot, arm,or even an unborn baby. He has to find out who the child that is appearing everywhere is. Along the way he has to fight (shooting and knifing) people. It had massive murders and many other things that I can't really remember clearly but it all pertains to the mysterious girl :P

  9. #346142012-08-02 07:25:55MrTrain said:

    What about a game where you aim object at shooting guns? Or better yet a game where you throw objects at guns. Like I'd share anything good, I don't know you that well e_e

  10. #346642012-08-02 23:45:39 *InstantRamen said:

    @shafnat Right now i'm working on creating my own forum, and I will keep updates and screenshots on it. I will send you a link when I have it online. :)

    EDIT: @kolulu100 Wow, you have some strange dreams! :) It also sounds like it would make a cool game. If I decide to use it, I'll definitely contact you!

  11. #346852012-08-03 07:55:37break said:

    interesting stuff. personnaly ive been thinking about an MMORPG with an Editor-like function, meaning players can, if they buy some land,create whatever they want of a dungeoun on it, also monsters. the possibilities they have depend on their level and theirlevel in the creation-skills. (like, level 1 creation: you can build a cave. higher levels: you can have higher level materials, special effects, magic traps, lava, rivers, glowing stones, etc.) that way, players themselves can build new terrain, dungeons, and cities all the time. they can be creative and at the same time they build the game's world for the players that just want to adventure for now.