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  1. Halo or Call of Duty

    #345332012-08-01 08:45:41 *sonicx said:

    Hello guys i would like to here your opion on if halo is better than cod. halo has some really ood graphics and really good guns cod has the same old weapons same old story line and same old leveling up weapons so please post your comments

  2. #345342012-08-01 09:06:582-guard said:

    i vote Halo, i like the fantasy of alien weapons, strange new vehicles that play by rules of their own, and the lick of funny Halo has through its glitches, errors and genuine humor

  3. #345362012-08-01 09:16:13Xyopq said:

    I also vote Halo - It has a story that's not generic, has lots of unique weapons and I prefer the multiplayer from it (not that I really play either of them).

    So in short - Winner: Dark Souls

  4. #345422012-08-01 10:57:10Deftones said:

    Halo. I had more fun with this franchise. I use to lan halo 2 with 7 other people on weekends, awesome fun. Though I don't play either cod nor halo, anymore.

  5. #345452012-08-01 13:43:58Caarbite said:

    Call of Duty - I care not for the setting, guns or vehicles. I just prefer the fast-paced plays, map-knowledge dependence and being able to base my performance on my own skill rather than depend on team-mates co-operation most of the time.

    And I'm waiting for the rant you're about to throw towards me purely because I prefer CoD. If you're going to post a topic like this, search through existing threads and put at least some effort into an un-biased and thought-provoking topic rather than "Halo vs CoD: Halo is better because I like it more than CoD. Also CoD is bad because I don't like it. Xbox is better than PS3 because Halo is an Xbox exclusive and because I like Halo." You even said "I'd like to hear your opinion on whether Halo is better than CoD". Have you ever posted on a forum before?

  6. #345472012-08-01 14:34:33Senkonna said:

    If the contents of a game aren't 80% wooing underage looking kawaii desu yo as fuck 2D girls and going into hot springs with them, then it's shit. Trufax.

  7. #345972012-08-02 02:37:03 *Senkonna said:

    But both of those suck, so choosing either just isn't...

    ( •_•) ⌐■-■



    So yeah, Tales of Xillia.

  8. #345992012-08-02 02:43:54 *loploplopl said:

    for a shooter I prefer Battlefield.

    I never liked halo because it gets boring after a while and new stuff doesn't feel new for long.

    overall I would rather play Dark Souls

  9. #346012012-08-02 03:10:51 *Kuru said:


    Shadow of the Colossus, fuck this bitch ass shit. After CoD4 and Halo 2 those IP's went down hill. Let them go, and look up Planetside 2, Torchlight 2, Guild Wars 2, and Natural Selection 2...Lots of sequals...